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I like someone ❤️

freetogonow posted 3/24/2021 03:31 AM

I havenít been here in a long time.

Itís been just over 4 years since DDAY.

I have healed and my life is unbelievably happy. I love being single, itís amazing.

I remember coming here and people said it might take 5 years to heal. I could barely get through the next minute. I just was in such pain that I wanted to die. I couldnít imagine five months much less five years.

First year, Iíd have taken him back but I was also in therapy and starting to figure things out.

Second year was better, the pain was starting to recede like the tide but it still hurt. At this point Iíd have never taken him back.

Third year I started waking up happy. I am happy all the time. From this point, Iíve never had a bad day. Iíve had bad things happen but even my bad days are not bad days.

Fourth year is nothing but me living my best life. Itís truly been the best year of my life, ever.

Now we are entering that fifth year.

The depression is totally gone and Iíve been off all meds for about 2 years now. I have a deep joy like nothing Iíve ever experienced.

And now, I like someone. Heís a Christian, the real deal not a faker like some people I know 🙄. Iíve known him since I was still married to the fool. I know his character and I know the good bad and ugly about him.

Heís been single for a long time. Longer than me. Heís been waiting to meet someone but the right woman hasnít come along I guess.

We sat next to each other in church last week for the first time. Iím pretty sure he likes me too.

bookworm19 posted 3/24/2021 06:20 AM

This is amazing, wish you all the best

WhoTheBleep posted 3/24/2021 06:20 AM


Love this, ftgn. I remember your pain and your journey. This post brings me such joy!!

Ripped62 posted 3/24/2021 07:02 AM

I like someone...
Nice, I hope everything goes as you desire.

He is a fortunate man.

I have a deep joy like nothing Iíve ever experienced.
Wonderful 🤗

JanaGreen posted 3/24/2021 07:07 AM

Aww this is so wholesome, I love it. Enjoy those happy butterflies!

twicefooled posted 3/24/2021 07:29 AM

Wonderful news!

I've been single for most of the past 7yrs, waiting for the right guy. I, too, met the right guy (for me) last summer and he checks all my boxes and makes my heart go pitterpatter everytime I see him :)

countrydirt posted 3/24/2021 08:20 AM


freetogonow posted 3/24/2021 10:17 AM

He came over to do a small five minute chore yesterday (heavy lifting beyond my ability. ďActs of serviceĒ is my love language🥰🥰

I was standing there with a big stupid grin on my face because I was happy to see him and I said would you like to come in and he says yes and I had to turn around super fast so he didnít see my happy beaming face with hearts shooting out of my eye sockets 😬😬

Shehawk posted 3/26/2021 20:13 PM

Aww so happy for you

It feels good to be able to feel again.

josiep posted 4/4/2021 22:20 PM

Do your dogs like him?


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