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HFSSC posted 12/11/2020 23:36 PM

Today I'm grateful for several nice things that have happened for my disabled ds who is 29 years old. He has support services from Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, one of which is a job coach. He had a job at a really nice grocery store for a little over a year. He loved it and they loved him. The store is close to my job, and since he can't drive I would drop him off on my way to work. I'd pick him up in the afternoon and he'd hang out at my job until I was through. He enjoyed sitting with the residents and talking with them.

Then COVID. His epilepsy makes him high risk so he stayed out at first for a couple of months. Once they had safety measures in place he could have gone back to work but he can't come inside the building where I work. We live 30 minutes away with no traffic, so there was just no way for him to get back and forth.

So he's been stuck at home since March. He was bored and lonely and it was just another thing COVID was taking from us.

Well, his job coach and his DDSN case worker found the most perfect situation for him. They operate a thrift store and coffee shop, and there is a man who lives next to the property who keeps bees. DS has gone and spent several days with the beekeeper, learning how to manage the bees and harvest the honey. They invested in his little business, helped him develop a logo and labels and they are selling the honey at the coffee shop. He got his first check this week. He wrote out his story-- being diagnosed with epilepsy in 2nd grade, being called "retarded" by his pediatrician a year later,and how that has driven him to want to succeed.

A local TV news reporter did a story this evening about the coffee shop and featured an interview with my DS. He is so happy. He's getting out 2 or 3 days a week, spending time with people other than JM and me, and has something that is HIS. Something he is working for. The smile on his face when he showed me his check... Lit up the whole house.

The other nice thing was that he got a Facebook request and message from his high school girlfriend. He hadn't heard from her in quite some time. She moved several states away the summer he graduated and he hasn't dated anyone else since then. This girl was precious--quirky and cute and just fit with him. She reached out to let him know she is moving back to SC by New Years. I know a whole lot has happened in 10 years and nothing may ever come of this. But again, it was precious to see him smile as he was telling me about hearing from her.

What are you grateful for today?

[This message edited by HFSSC at 8:58 AM, December 12th (Saturday)]

Pizzatheaction posted 12/12/2020 05:15 AM

How lovely, I am so pleased for your DS and also for you - all you want is for him to be happy, so what a glorious present for both of you at such a difficult time.
I lost my job just before Covid, and I am a carer for my disabled 90 year old Mum. Good timing in some regards as she has been in hospital a few times since March, I just couldn't have worked. I got a very small redundancy payment so that was a blessing
Your post reminds me to have gratitude for what I have, and to look forward to the opportunity to find work - there is hope!
Thank you and wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a very happy New Year

somanyyears posted 12/12/2020 08:06 AM


heart warming story...especially in the midst of this terrible Covid disaster.

Finding the positive these days is more important than ever. May your son thrive in these frightful times we now live in.

wishing you and your family the best for this holiday season.

smy and lf

tushnurse posted 12/12/2020 08:35 AM

Thats freaking awesome!!!!!
I love my bees and I tell you there is nothing more calming or soothing than opening up a healthy hove and working it.
Thats a skill that he will be able to have his entire life and learning about the actual practices of hive management is intriguing. Keeping bees is kinda like having a garden. There is always something to learn.

Congratulations to you all!!!

BearlyBreathing posted 12/12/2020 13:03 PM

LOVE THIS! What a great story!

Lionne posted 12/12/2020 17:26 PM

I'm very grateful you posted this! I feel I "know" your family and you are a poster I think about often and include in my "LIGHT time" those who I especially want to hold in the healing LIGHT.
Having a purpose is what keeps us happy and healthy.
I'm also grateful for news in my community, without details, a very volatile situation was defused by our police department today. It could have been tragic. Instead, police officers were able to disarm a troubled subject with non lethal weapons and get him to a safe place. I've watched our town LEOs do this before, use respectful but authoritative language to correct the behavior of some young boys. I have nothing but respect for them.

Jeaniegirl posted 12/13/2020 13:57 PM

So nice to hear good news in this bleak time. Thanks for posting!

number4 posted 12/13/2020 14:12 PM

Very cool story! Thanks for sharing.

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