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Well - it's happening!

NeverTwice posted 10/5/2020 13:17 PM

Hi friends,

I have some exciting news to share. First and foremost - I am so in love! And the feeling is most definitely mutual 💖💖💗 Sometimes it feels like we have been together for years instead of months. We are back in the states again - but not for long!

We both have contracts on our homes (mine sold in one day, hers lasted three). My attorney(s) are getting our immigration paperwork done. She sold her car and I am giving mine to my daughter.

So now we are both packing up our lives and will be back in Panama about 3 weeks from now. We are both enrolled in a 30 day total immersion Spanish language class in Panama City and have booked a room at a local resort for that time.

I had hoped to get out before this election but it was just not meant to be

But excited to embark on our new adventures together!

And, saving the best for last, We went out for lunch and then got the doggies and went for a walk in the park. And when we got down by the river I saw her ex-husband there so I waved at him to come over and turned around - she was on one knee with the most beautiful emerald engagement ring and asked me to marry her. Of course I cried (and could not get yes out of my mouth soon enough) and her ex was in on the secret - he got it all on video! And took a lot of pictures for us.

So - we will be coming back to the US next June to get married (so I will get to be a June bride twice!). Small ceremony with just family and a few very close friends. And she (I am going to cry but that's ok) asked if we could get married the same day my late husband and I got married.

I keep thinking I am going to wake up and find it is all a dream...but its not! I am on cloud 9!

twicefooled posted 10/5/2020 15:30 PM

That's beautiful, congratulations!

I'm envious of your ability to travel together. Once my kiddos are out of the nest (not for another 5yrs) I plan on travelling the hell out of this world :)

So happy for you :)

Jeaniegirl posted 10/5/2020 15:40 PM

Wonderful update!

PS: vote before you leave :)

BrokenheartedUK posted 10/5/2020 15:47 PM

Fantastic!! Thrilled for you!!

vote before you leave


NeverTwice posted 10/5/2020 17:04 PM


Thank you! We both LOVE to travel. Now we need to decide where to go on our honeymoon


PS: vote before you leave :)

Oh - no worries there. Early voting starts Oct. 14th in our state. And will be voting absentee for every national election. No Politics


Thank you to much!

And this is the first time I have truly been happy and at peace since my husband passed away in January. I would not wish the previous two years on my worst enemy. I would not trade that time for anything though. Cancer is an insidious disease - it just slowly ate him away from the inside.

My only regret now is that I selfishly pushed him into treatment he did not want. I suspect I will carry some guilt about that to the grave. But I also know that I made those 2 years meaningful for him. And made wonderful memories during that time. Which is why I got so emotional when she asked to get married on our anniversary.

I am so damn lucky to have shared my time with him and now to share my life with another love.

Now - honeymoon planning

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WhoTheBleep posted 10/5/2020 18:37 PM

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Throwaway999 posted 10/6/2020 05:34 AM

Wonderful news! I am so very happy for you and that you have found love again! Congrats!

DevastatedDee posted 10/6/2020 16:25 PM

OMG girl, you work fast, ha ha ha! Congratulations to you and I wish nothing but the most beautiful things for you both!

NeverTwice posted 10/7/2020 14:12 PM


OMG girl, you work fast


I am 60 years old - no time to waste! All kidding aside - I am old enough to know and understand what I want in a partner. And I am never afraid of

But still - we will be together full time for 9 months by then. That will reveal any serious red flags - for both of us.

And, while I do not really care, it IS nice to be with someone who is on the same financial level so to speak. Cautionary tale time...

A lifelong 'friend' of my late husbands could not even wait until he died to try and move right on in. It, to this day, is, hands down, the most disgusting and disturbing behavior I have personally been witness to.

And during that time I was emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted. Caring for a terminal patient is brutal when the end stage hits especially. And it took a couple of incidents before I caught on to his little fucking game (sorry - makes me raging mad everytime I think of it)

And when I called him out on it he told me he would leave his wife to marry me and then tried to kiss me and slide his hands under my shirt.


My next action was to call his wife. I do not think she believed me at first. So I invited her over to look and listen to the security video. And things did not go well for him. Believe it or not - they reconciled.

But he knew where I would be financially after R died. Had even made 'jokes' about me being the hot, rich widow. Bloody creep.

Moral of the story? There are wolves out there. Don't be a sheep.

DevastatedDee posted 10/8/2020 20:26 PM

I have no doubt that you know what you're doing and I'm so thrilled for you. This is gorgeous.

And omg horrified by that asshole. Wow. What a truly repugnant creature.

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