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Well - it's happening!

Hi friends,

I have some exciting news to share. First and foremost - I am so in love! And the feeling is most definitely mutual 💖💖💗 Sometimes it feels like we have been together for years instead of months. We are back in the states again - but not for long!

We both have contracts on our homes (mine sold in one day, hers lasted three). My attorney(s) are getting our immigration paperwork done. She sold her car and I am giving mine to my daughter.

So now we are both packing up our lives and will be back in Panama about 3 weeks from now. We are both enrolled in a 30 day total immersion Spanish language class in Panama City and have booked a room at a local resort for that time.

I had hoped to get out before this election but it was just not meant to be

But excited to embark on our new adventures together!

And, saving the best for last, We went out for lunch and then got the doggies and went for a walk in the park. And when we got down by the river I saw her ex-husband there so I waved at him to come over and turned around - she was on one knee with the most beautiful emerald engagement ring and asked me to marry her. Of course I cried (and could not get yes out of my mouth soon enough) and her ex was in on the secret - he got it all on video! And took a lot of pictures for us.

So - we will be coming back to the US next June to get married (so I will get to be a June bride twice!). Small ceremony with just family and a few very close friends. And she (I am going to cry but that's ok) asked if we could get married the same day my late husband and I got married.

I keep thinking I am going to wake up and find it is all a dream...but its not! I am on cloud 9!

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Happy as a clam at the beach! There is an all inclusive resort about 2 miles from the house that you can purchase a 'day pass' and use their facilities and equipment. Plus breakfast/lunch/dinner included. As well as the open bar on the beach and at the pool :-)

And we flirted with the bartender until we made him blush

So - here's to the beginning of a great vacation!

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Happy update!

Hi friends,

Just wanted to drop a note of positivity!

I think I found my person!!! And I think I knew it Tuesday evening. My daughter is going through some relationship struggles of her own right now with her BF of four years.

And I just sat back and watched my girlfriend!!! spend 2 solid hours talking to my daughter about her BF and life in general. And gave her both solid relationship advice - AND life advice. They have build a great rapport and I am watching my partner build a friendship with my daughter.

Hit.Me.Right.In.The.Feelz. This lady is special. Her empathy, her kind and giving nature. I have to admit it - I am falling in love with her. There - I said it.

Enough so that we had The Conversation yesterday. I had been feeling pretty guilty for hiding my finances the way I have. And, not a surprise, she completely understood.

So - my daughter is going to dog sit for us and we are headed to the beach house to do some major relaxing and continue our trip planning.

So - maybe I put a smile on someone's face today -

I certainly hope so. I am grinning from ear to ear today!

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A small update...

Hi gang,

Small update. After our weekend together I posted about earlier she decided to sort of 'return the favor'. She booked us a weekend in Atlanta at another 5 star hotel and made dinner reservations at 2 different, really awesome restaurants. We are a couple of those irritating foodies!

And had a wonderful time. And we also navigated our first real disagreement. But, hit me with a sledgehammer, we both handled like adults. Turns out she is a fan of John Gottman's relationship advice - as am I! So when she immediately went into ATTUNE mode I had to chuckle a bit! And I went right in with her!!!

"No Soliciting". It is something that I started with my late husband as well. And it really took a great marriage and elevated it even more. Between Gottman and Chapman (The Five Love LAnguages) I learned more about relationships in a year than I had learned in all the years of being married prior.

But things are looking really good. And I am honestly falling for her pretty hard. And I think that is mutual. The 'L' word has not passed either of our lips yet...but I do not think it will be long! I am SO excited - I feel like a giddy teenage girl again!

And we a planning an extended trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand (her idea!) depending, of course, on what happens with the pandemic. And, after that trip, I want to take her to Europe as she has never been. I am think about flying into Orly and getting a 30 day Eurail pass for the two of us and just going where our whims take us.

And - if there are any experienced travelers out there with tips and suggestions (for either trip) they would be most welcome!

Cheers everybody. Stay safe and good luck out there in the dating world!!!

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Post weekend update!!!

Hi everyone!

I am a still a little bit on cloud 9 today! And the weekend could not have gone better. We went out window shopping a bit yesterday. And just walked around downtown (masked and socially distant of course!!) for a long while and just talked.

And, so far, the best thing about this has been the level we seem to communicate at. When we talk - hours can go by I don't really notice the time. I like that a LOT.

But I also realize that this is the infatuation and lust the usually accompanies a brand new relationship. So we both have our eyes wide open on this. We will just not force anything and see how it goes.

And the sex was...amazing. I had been celibate since 3 months before my husband passed. And OMG Y'all. The closeness and intimacy was SO nice. And she is a great kisser too...among other 'talents'

So - all in all? I am thrilled at how well it went. Thanks to everyone again for all the words of encouragement and advice. All of that helped me just relax and enjoy the ride. And I needed that!

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The 'S' word...

I need some advice from the good people of SI.

Was it awkward the first time you had sex after losing your cheater? Did you feel any sort of regret or guilt after the first time resuming sex? I am definitely worried about that. Should I get her some flowers?

And what are some good ideas for Saturday - providing we have sex Friday? I was thinking about this. Get up Saturday morning, go have brunch at a well known local 5 star hotel. And reserve a room for later that night. Maybe that would be a better place for flowers and a nice bottle of wine and an antipasto plate?

I want this to be a special occasion (as if you could not tell already!). Shoot me some ideas guys!


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Update: Second date!

He everyone,

Back to report on date #2

So - I went and picked her up at her house yesterday afternoon and we went to the local

Farmers' market. Got some fresh eggs, fresh fettuccine, mozzarella, roma tomatoes and some beautiful pancetta. We spent about 2 hours there looking around and chatting with people I knew there. I have done my shopping there for years now and I am very grateful that I can afford such beautiful ingredients.

So - went back to my house and had caprese insalata and pasta alla carbonara with a nice fruity moscato. And it was pretty darn good even if I say so myself! I introduced her to my daughter when she got home from work (she moved back in with me after B passed away) and we just hung out and talked for almost 3 hours. I was very nice. And got the daughter's seal of initial approval :-)

And, I am giggling about it now, but we made out like a couple of hormone pumped teenagers for almost an hour :-) While I am certainly no prude...I am NOT ready, not quite yet, for sex. But there is definitely sexual chemistry. And who knows? I am going with my gut AND my head. And I am just enjoying the flow between us now.

She is a very good listener and can also carry her end of the conversation. So far? I could see it going somewhere. Maybe I will hit the jackpot twice - time will tell!

Anyone else have any happy dating stories to share? Let me hear them!!!

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I have a date this Friday night!!!

My first date in almost 35 years. I am excited but nervous as I can be!

Went to a friend's home this weekend and hung out at their pool. And met their neighbor :-)

And she is SO pretty - not sure what she sees in me. But I am not going to argue! I think it is time to go shopping.


Wish me luck!!!

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I am terrified of being single

Hi everyone,

I lost my husband this year after a long battle with cancer. And one of the things he made me promise to him, over and over, was to find someone else to love. Even while he was dying he was concerned about my future happiness.

But I realize now that I am absolutely terrified of being single again in today's world. I am worried that, when I do put myself out there, I am just going to compare everyone with him. And that is a comparison that all will fail. I am a bit different as the infidelity in my life happened before I met my late husband.

But the scars are still there. It takes a LOT to earn my trust. And, despite being 60 years old, I am still an attractive woman. I have stayed in great shape - I certainly do not look my age. And I still turn heads in public. But I have NO idea how to date anymore and no idea how to find a new partner without trying to compare them to my late husband.

I have never tried online dating (it was obviously WAY before my time!), I will never date someone I work with and I just do not know how to meet quality people anymore. I do not hang out in bars, my friends are all long time married couples and I just do not go anywhere to meet anyone new.

So - any advice on how to navigate the world of dating and relationships in this day and age? I am quite lost. And my dating pool is larger than most as I am bisexual. But I have NO clue how to go about dating anymore.

Any and all advice and/or suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance...

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