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Health check...

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somanyyears posted 4/25/2020 09:14 AM

..still alive and kickin' ...BUT....

"I'm outa weed!" OMG Life is full of challenges eh?

..P.S. Don't drink the Lysol folks!


DragnHeart posted 4/25/2020 10:08 AM

I'm outa weed!" OMG

Wait! What????? You smoke weeeeeed?????

Learn something new every day....

I feel like I'm falling apart physically and emotionally...some days I just sit on my bed and stare at the lizards. Managed to find some energy and build new nest boxes for my chickens. Had a migraine yesterday so skipped groceries and just went to pay the mortgage. So today I'm going food shopping when wh gets home from work. I need the time away from.him...hes being his usual jerk self.

Mel61 posted 4/25/2020 10:37 AM

Dragnheart, I think just staring at your lizards would fall under the category of meditation and self care. So stare away.

WhatsRight posted 4/25/2020 10:57 AM

Wait! What????? You smoke weeeeeed?????

Bahahahaha !!!

DragnHeart... So sorry all of this is getting to you. I sometimes just leave the house and drive around… Just to get away, too!

But I want to say something here.

PEOPLE… If you are on this site, you are survivors! You have been through one of the most difficult experiences that life has to offer, and have survived. No matter what the outcome.

You are a STRONG and you are AWESOME!

It gives me a great deal of strength, when things get to me, just knowing you are all out there… SOMEWHERE… And even more amazing to me is that I can interact with you whenever I want to… Whenever I need to.

I wish I had a crystal ball into the future. I have no idea who among us will be affected personally, will lose loved ones, will be able to help others, etc.

But I have faith in you!

Stay strong! And safe!

[This message edited by WhatsRight at 10:59 AM, April 25th (Saturday)]

DragnHeart posted 4/25/2020 11:12 AM

Dragnheart, I think just staring at your lizards would fall under the category of meditation and self care. So stare away.

Well.one stares back at me like he wants to rip my face off...two others tend to run and hide. The third is constantly at the doors wanting me to feed him but hes a blimp and is technically overweight so he needs to tone it down. Of course that means when I do open the cage hes leaping out at my hands trying to bite...figures.

You are a STRONG and you are AWESOME!

This does not apply to me right now...I'm not strong. Failing at dealing with the kids and making them do homework or clean cause I hate the fighting...plus now I discover some things about what wh has been up to and I want to go all homicidal in his ass....its an accident if I run him over with the tractor right??? *joking....

My duckling and baby turkey order didn't come in so that's another three week wait. Hoping to at least have a female goose for my male by next week. Find out I'm going to end up with at least four horses instead of three cause they dont want one...praying the others find homes. Not that I dont want horses but it's just to many right now.
I cant find quails so my lizards are stuck with rats and rats cost a fortune!

Oh joy. Wh is home....I'm going food shopping now

PricklePatch posted 4/25/2020 12:33 PM

We are all doing well. My daughter’s boyfriend is now living with us. He does dishes, winner winner chicken dinner...lol.

He had to be out of his shared house by 4/1. The uncle told him to move in with him, he found out later the Uncle is being foreclosed and behind on child support. The boyfriend was a medic in the army and was injured. He was discharged, due to the injury.

WhatsRight posted 4/25/2020 16:17 PM

How awesome that you could provide a place for him during this time.

One of my sons got kicked out of an apartment for allowing friends to stay over. He’s the one that has so much trouble with alcohol. Drinks nearly every day to a drunken stupor.

I let him know that he of course he could come back to the house, but no drugs or alcohol here, and no coming here being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In about three months, he has come home once where I could tell he had been drinking. We had a long, calm conversation, and I told him I could not allow it. And them the other night he got overwhelmed at work and broke his hand hitting a wall. He called me because he said he knew he should call someone before he got madder and did something else. I was able to talk him down a little bit, and then he said he was going to go try to get his job back… Because they had told him he was fired.

I explained to him through tears that this was a scary time and I was his mother and I loved him. And I knew that his first response was going to be to drink. I told him that I couldn’t allow him to come home drunk, because he had agreed to that… Also because my granddaughter was here. Through tears, I asked him what I was to do. That I couldn’t put my child out in the world in this environment.

He responded, “then I just won’t drink, mama”.

And he didn’t. And we continue to get along fine and I have hopes that as long as he needs to stay, he’ll respect this.

Lots of hard situations in this environment.

My 90-year-old aunt had a massive stroke on New Year’s Day. Yesterday my cousin decided that he could no longer tolerate the fact that she was in a healthcare facility because of all of the deaths in those facilities. She is now home, I am loving every minute of it. I can’t imagine how she must feel to not even see her son for over a month.

So many hardships.

I sure hope we all take advantage of learning and persevering through this shit so that we can come out stronger on the other side.

PricklePatch posted 4/26/2020 02:41 AM

Good news about your Aunt. I am really glad your son, was in a place he stayed sober.

We truly don’t mind him being with us. He seems to be a nice guy. Last night my daughter was in a mania. I was able to listen to her and address her issues till my husband started making snarky comments. The boyfriend didn’t involve himself he did the dishes. I think that was a positive.

WhatsRight posted 4/26/2020 05:02 AM

Yeah, I think that showed some thing… That he took a step back and stayed busy with the dishes.

Didn’t actually sound like the exactly perfect time for snark.

Don’t you think that sometimes under difficult situations, some of us seem to step up in ways we might not do normally???

[This message edited by WhatsRight at 5:03 AM, April 26th (Sunday)]

Lionne posted 4/27/2020 02:41 AM

I agree, Whats. Many, many people are reaching out, recognizing how very lucky we are and demonstrating ways to improve their neighborhoods and themselves.

Don't allow me to rant about the people accusing helpcare workers of being fake.

We are here, home, both alive and still talking to one another. I (knocking frantically on wood) know NO ONE that has the virus, although I'm hearing stories of people who were very ill in Januaryish and wondering if they did in fact have this coronovirus.

We avoid going out until we absolutely need stuff, although we ventured to two outside events to bird watch, without social interaction.

I just have to start exercising again, I badly injured my back my merely stretching in bed one morning. Since I can't go to my doctor for OMM, he telemeded me instructions. Not working as well as a doctor's visit. But it will be fine.

SMY sure wish I could smoke weed!

tushnurse posted 4/27/2020 07:45 AM

Hey gang all is well w/ me.
We decided since we are working from home until further notice we could do the same thing in our camper at our favorite fishing lake.

So we left yesterday and will stay here for a couple weeks, work during the day, fish early am, and pm. Of course it thunderstormed last night and is raining this am, so we got to work early, and hope to be on the water by early afternoon.

somanyyears posted 4/27/2020 10:24 AM

..News Flash!!! update...

I got some weed so, yes yes my health check is 'ALL GOOD'

@ Drag'n.. I thought you knew?? Didn't we pass a doobie around at the g2g?? oh well, next time...eh

I've mentioned my very bad, outright naughty habit on a few threads over the years!!

My personal theory is that these little covid -
19 thingies can't survive in the thick, black, toxic gooo that coats my lungs. They can't move so they can't copulate, so they don't have little Covid-20's and 21's , well you know how to count!

..By the way, if you're still starring at lizards for long periods of time, you should 'monitor' that!!??

stay healthy..

somanyyears posted 4/27/2020 10:33 AM

.. @Lionne.. wishin' and hopin' to partake of the 'Herb' are you?

I can make it happen... at our next G2G.! All we need is.. DragnHeart to get off her butt and have it.
So, Dragn'... what's the holdup??


WhatsRight posted 4/29/2020 18:41 PM

Hey... Where is y’all’s G2G?

I have never partaked myself, but a few more years of life as we have come to know it, and I might be ready!

DragnHeart posted 4/29/2020 19:49 PM

I can make it happen... at our next G2G.! All we need is.. DragnHeart to get off her butt and have it.
So, Dragn'... what's the holdup??

Well I do have enough space here that everyone could maintain six feet apart....but until the pandemic is over and my house has had some serious renovations I wont be having a g2g here. Besides I'm so far north I'm not sure how many people would make the trip.

And no we didn't pass a doobie around at the last g2g...if you did I must have been out front smoking, back when I smoked. I have since quit and only vape when the darn thing is charged.

Got two girl geese for my boy, built the goose house and run (all that's needed is paint and shingles. Wh brought me home all the wood I need to do the new goat shelter and once that's up the old one can come down. I'll probably have the garden fenced off tomorrow (plan on lining it with chicken wire and letting the girls peck away at the weeds before I till it and plant). Half I'll turn into a green house.

Of course this is all dependent on if my head isn't pounding tomorrow. Dont know why nothing helps these days. Migraines are a bitch! Alieve was actually helping better than tylenol and advil but none of them worked today.

Shehawk posted 4/30/2020 11:09 AM

Working on a garden. And revenge abs and glutes.
Because why not!

WhatsRight posted 4/30/2020 21:13 PM

We are still safe and doing ok.

I did get a bit industrious today... Climbing up and down a step ladder to retrieve plants from the high shelf to take outside to water, digging weeds up in the front landscaping, planting flowers in a planter outback, and cleaning top to bottom three rooms in my home.

I made the mistake of sitting down to rest before I started to continue with some more jobs. MISTAKE!!!

My calves have not knotted up, and my back below my shoulder blades has shooting pains.

I am happy with what I accomplished, but my (almost) 67 year old body is waving a white flag!

Add to that, the fibromyalgia that sets in a bit in the evenings these days, and I guess I’m done for the day. But I’m already looking forward to tomorrow. So much to be done, and nothing standing in the way of getting it done.

I certainly would hate to think that when the time comes that we are all out and about much more in the world, I sure would hate to think back that I did not take advantage of the time I had, and get some stuff done.

Hope everyone is safe and well!

Jeaniegirl posted 4/30/2020 21:55 PM

Is anyone else but me counting the weeks by waiting for Friday and the GREAT funny pictures posted here? I think .... well, got through another week when I see the picts.

DragnHeart posted 5/1/2020 03:53 AM

Is anyone else but me counting the weeks by waiting for Friday and the GREAT funny pictures posted here?

Oh I usually do that lol. Count down the days of the week based on how much longer until SPF.

I had an especially shitty night last night. Got up at least four times to pee, once with a headache then up again with an earache so bad I was in tears. In between that I was waking with arm pain and no matter what position I was in I was hurting...

So I have started SPF, wh is off to work, I'm just going to put on my clothes into the wash then go back to hed for a couple of hours.

WhatsRight posted 5/1/2020 11:19 AM

So.....all are well???

Any fun plans for the weekend???

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