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Long Term Affairs Part 39


whatisloveanyway ( member #66450) posted at 5:16 PM on Tuesday, August 8th, 2023


I see you have been a member a very long time, and it is nice to meet you. Thank you for checking in with your update, it really meant a lot to me to hear your story, and to see my journey in some ways mirroring yours. I hope that checking in has been therapeutic for you and not triggering. I'm not sure somedays if my daily reading here is helping or hurting me, but I certainly find comfort in knowing others feel the pain I feel and understand it, as my WH cannot. My story is a mess, it is long, and I wouldn't judge a soul who decided not to read all this jumbled mess of me too's. I guess I keep trying to work through this in real time mostly here, online or in my head. Progress is very slow with many setbacks, so I am always oddly comforted to read of others taking years to heal to a noticeable level, and very interested in any couple who can come through a LTA intact. The odds are not with us.

I did not find SI until a year post Discovery, and I had already scared the MOW off without realizing it. It took a year and a half for me to learn that there had not been an isolated brief affair with LT email contact, but an ongoing, intense multi-year affair that went underground for almost a year after my initial discovery. The story of the length of the Affair went from a couple of months, to what I uncovered to be a couple of years, to which they admitted to 4 then 6 years, which became 8 years and ultimately 9 years start to finish. I blew things up two months before their 10 year Ashley Madison anniversary, 2 weeks before our 32nd wedding anniversary, but I didn't figure out that there was an ongoing affair to end for another year. See how confusing? I don't even know how to tell the story anymore it is such a mess of tips of the iceberg, gaslighting, rugsweeping, digital forensic gotcha's, horrifying exchanges with the MOW, all the icky stuff.

I endured the slow realization of a big fat false reconciliation, complete with recommitment and wedding rings I resized, all built on a foundation of secrets and need to know controlling trickle truth from an emotionally stunted, disconnected spouse. I learned everything years or months after it occurred, never in real time, which was and still is disorienting. My WH could never stop protecting himself and did untold damage to me with the lies and promises he told me while still cheating. He admitted to almost nothing I did not find and prove on my own, and he grew increasingly angry with me as I continued to uncover details and confront him with his lies, most of which he could not even remember telling. I took a lot of notes and journaled my way through this hell daily and he came to hate my recall for events and refused to work with me on a timeline or full disclosure. He told me over and over I had the whole truth, the full story, all the gory details, when of course I did not. In the end, it was multiple begging emails to the MOW that gave me the full timeline, and revealed further lies he continued to tell, both big and small that I could not have proved otherwise, so I owe the pathetic woman credit for that small act of kindness. The mind of a trapped cheater is impossible to understand. It is concerning to me that he threw his MOW under the bus, never protected her from me or apologized to her for what has transpired, including me devastating her with the horrible things he said about her, and the reveal that he tried to cheat on her multiple times for more than half of their relationship. He has zero care or regard for someone he trashed his marriage for, and swears she means no more to him than a stranger on the street. It would make so much more sense to me if he had cared for her, but it also pleases me that he showed her no more respect or kindness getting through this ugliness than he showed me. At least there is that. He did not love her, he just loved how she made him feel about himself.

The damage from the lack of honesty that I begged for, insisted on, demanded and threatened to leave over is permanent. Honesty is my number one core value and I never conceived that he could be dishonest with me, and each new discovery was a sham of a reboot to renewed commitment with total honesty. Over and over, I was assured there was no more to know, no more secrets, no more lies, nothing else to find, but every time there was, even after I begged him to clean up his hard drive and phone, because I couldn't stop the forensics, but he forgot how many breadcrumbs they left behind, and how many ways technology can catch up to the lies, eventually. I was a slow study, but I got there, and I'm now left with no trust moving forward. There is no trust but verify program for me, there is only hope my worst fears don't come true again. He says I can trust him now, he is done with that, he is happy with me (although he says he always was???) and I have nothing to be afraid of moving forward. He has conveniently shifted my recovery and our reconciliation to a me problem, not an us problem and he refuses to admit there is a him problem. He has a lot of issues he doesn't even care to recognize. We have a lot in common with our FOO, especially judgmental controlling mothers, and we just went in opposite directions in how we let it shape our futures. I thought we were an unbeatable team with an unbreakable bond and he thinks we still are, isn't that something?

I know that I am out of infidelity, thanks to relocating, covid, semi-retirement, total electronic and financial transparency, and most importantly threats to the MOW to out her personally and professionally. I know I have made the best choice on paper for myself, for now by staying together, even though my post reads like a cautionary tale of where not to end up. I know that we have always been and continue to be a great team at home and our business, and I want to believe that sparing my children the gritty truth of their parent's perfect marriage is a gift to us all and not a burden or source of guilt for me. I want to believe that old pictures, or memories or words, names, places, dates or songs that trigger a flight response or a flood of tears or a pang of heartache will fade with time, and I am still waiting. I still cannot look at pictures of my WH and me together from the cheating years and have them all tucked away, but the electronic stuff gets me from time to time. Recently, cleaning out my mother's house after her passing hit me with so many painful mementos that I became numb to the point of emotional shutdown. I'm still crawling out of that fog.

I can't believe I have been living this surreal version of my life, in this twilight zone episode of a marriage for almost six years now. I am truly worn down by all of it. That said, so long as I carry on in my marriage as if nothing awful has happened and I'm not heartbroken and afraid of what else I don't know or can't control, that we can have a great time, a lot of laughs and a bucket of adventures and tons of fun. I keep waiting for that bass note of sorrow to grow quieter, or my need to talk about it to my satisfaction to fade, but so far, not yet. Thoughts of the A, the MOW, the details the logistics, the disparate stories I've been fed, the unanswered questions, the hundreds of disastrous conversations or stonewalling sessions, the indignity of failing to advocate for myself in a way that helps me heal, failing to get through to him, to get him to follow through on the work he promised me when I agreed to stay - these thoughts fill my head every night and every morning and randomly throughout the day, every day, still. I keep waiting for a sea change, but I have been in the doldrums for a while. I am trying every trick in the book to retrain my brain to stop stimming on the pain and picking at the unknowns, but it is hard, hard work for me.

My early in the process therapist assured me that the continuing, long term shifting of my reality with the trickle truth, my OCD need for details and dates to piece together the timeline and the root causes for the A, plus my husbands inability to recognize his need to work on himself as opposed to "fixing me" would cost me some time to sort out the real reality as he called it. He gave me the gift of acceptance of my own timeline to process, to recover, to decide what I want and what to do next, even who to tell, and he gave me breathing room for my bruised ego, and my frustrated problem solving personality. He made me believe that it's OK to take as long as it takes, to take my time and not judge myself for what I choose, so long as I stay grounded in my values and continue to work to heal myself from horrifying betrayal. It feels like being stuck in amber some days though.

I think having a therapist go through my trickle truth with me, counseling us both, was a shock for him, and helped me to understand just how damaging continued deception can be. I booted WH from MC and continued on my own to help process the bulk of the truth I uncovered. I also think having my therapist urge me to let go of my OCD questions about a long ago affair, only to discover with me that my gut instincts were right, that there was a valid reason I couldn't let go and start to heal because my WH was lying to us both, the MOW was lying to me, and my WH had the therapist fooled with his lies - we were all wasting our time. I have adjusted to five or six different versions of what was really happening, both before I knew there was an affair and we were the golden couple, and the shocking discovery after discovery when I continued to offer trust and work to build an honest meaningful relationship moving forward while he was working to keep his secret life still secret. I was the most gullible BS because of my inability to comprehend that he was capable of lying to my face. I am so sad that he was incapable of ending a relationship he still swears meant nothing to him with a boring stupid high maintenance woman, not for me, not for himself and not for a single reason he can articulate. "It was easier to get into it than it was to get out of it. She cried. It was supposed to end anyway and you were never supposed to know. Nobody was supposed to get hurt. It's water under the bridge now. I don't know, I can't explain it and I don't want to talk about it. You just can't accept that affairs are a thing that happens."
I am still so incredibly hurt by his inability to make a choice for our marriage or me even when given an ultimatum for no contact and again for total honesty or I walk. To say he has disappointed me is an understatement. To say that I love him and that loving him has been the best and the worst thing in my life is one as well.

I am wired to walk away from pain, conflict and especially anyone I can't trust. This is really new territory for me, requiring expert level emotional maturity and acceptance that I don't have, not yet. I know I am struggling with an inadequate partner and inadequate tools in both our tool belts. I understand why I choose to stay and fight for a future worth having versus leaving, but I don't really see a clear path to anything that looks like success, just settling for what is left and worth salvaging. There isn't really a great option for me, because I know how much emptier and lonely my life would be without my WH and the family we have built, even if it is part fiction. But I am also learning the cost of compromising on my values and settling for less than I believe I am worth by staying without solid work from my WH. I'm choosing the devil I know, and maybe giving up on the idea of redemptive love, of coming through this happier or a better person. I don't think I've felt this bleakly accepting, this cynical or this negative since I was a teenager. I guess I just don't know how to get past the hurt of deep intimate betrayal when I curl up every night with my betrayer and listen to him tell me he loves me. Yes, but so what? Recently, on a lovely evening stroll, holding hands, he squeezed mine and said I love you and tears welled in my eyes and I said for what it's worth. I know I crushed him, but it just blurted out. I said you showed me what you are capable of doing to people you love, so I guess you taught me I don't know what it means to love a person. I know what it means to me and it is a very different thing than it means to you. He said nothing else that walk, which is its own hell, the silence. He told me later, after I brought it back up, that he loves me as much as he is capable of loving a person, that he has given me more painful honesty and apologies than anyone ever in his life. He wants me to be grateful or proud of him for that? I have come to understand that if he were to see things as I do, that his internal house of cards of compartmentalization and rationalization would tumble to the ground. I think his entire self image is in complete contrast to the person he truly is on the inside and I don't think he is interested in exploring anything about himself or his motivations. I'm going to be analyzing mine forever now I suppose, as well as pondering if I can ever know a person with any certainty again.

I love him, or who I thought him to be, with all that I am, he loves me as best as he is able. We are coming up on forty years together, and before this I would have told you he is my best friend, soul mate and the only living person on earth I trust completely. We love our grown children so much, and travel to see them several times a year. We have a great time together as a family, and they are really settling into happy, positive futures. They are the best thing in my life and the best thing tying me to this tragedy of a relationship. They have no idea of the decade of betrayal or the last five years of my breakdown and panic attacks, and my slow crawl back to a life I can live with. I hid it very well. I know I have chosen the harder path, staying with a man who will not freely admit to his failures or work to atone for the relationship damage or repair himself on a personal level. He has compartmentalized everything like an engineer would. I could never have imagined this becoming our lives, or me staying with anyone who hurt me a fraction of the amount my WH has hurt me, so my journey of self discovery is ongoing.

I'm sorry for turning this into a therapy session. I had a rough stretch of deep sad thoughts last night, and your post struck a chord for me, maybe hope that this is just another dip in the rollercoaster before I get to an easier stretch like you are in now. I am trying to be patient with myself, to understand that long drawn out trickle truth underground A during recovery puts me on the slowest and least likely path to healing, let alone salvaging a relationship, or even figuring out what I even want anymore. My WH is adamant that we will beat the odds, that we already have and he continues to believe we are currently living our best lives and I should really have chosen happiness by now. He is happy as can be, unless I bring up his "mistake that he has apologized a hundred times for". He never will get it and I have to learn to live with that or live without this marriage. I'm still learning how, I guess.

I really just wanted to say hello, to commiserate, to thank you for taking the time to come back and share and to show a fellow struggling member one possible, positive future. I like to envision a hopeful, happy future for us all here, regardless of whether we reconcile or give up. I hope you continue to have all the fun that grandparenting brings and wish the best for you and your family. I also hope you check in again someday, with more positive news and hope for those a little further behind you on the healing path. Best to you.

BW: 63 WH: 63 Both 57 on Dday, M 35 years, 2 grown kids. WH had 9 year A with MOW, 7 month false R, multiple DDays, years of trickle truth and so many lies. I got rid of her with one email but she still haunts me. Reconciling, or trying to.

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OnTheOtherSideOfHell ( member #82983) posted at 11:04 PM on Tuesday, August 8th, 2023


First off, I want to tell you that longterm affair survivors that heal with marriage intact are more common than you may think. I personally know four of them and none of them are on this website. Second, although my husband and I had no false R and little to no trickle truth I too suffered when looking at old pictures taken during his cheating. What helped me overcome that is admitting to myself that marriages are full of ups and downs and when times were hard I didn’t always stay for love nor did I stay faithful out of love for my spouse. At times, all that kept me married was family and finances. All that kept me faithful was respect for myself and my own values. He had zero respect for himself, her, me, and he had no values to speak of. That’s his problem. I can look at pics and see me and even him living our lives. I can look back with pride at my choices. He can’t. 🤷‍♀️

As for how he callously and hilariously threw the OW under the bus, it might be the single event on d day that saved our marriage eventually. Unlike you, I don’t think I’d have reconciled if he cared about her at all. The thought of him truly loving her would have been it for me. Like your husband he said the same thing "he liked the attention at first and didn’t know how to get rid of her without toppling over the Apple cart". It was easier (and safer) keeping her happy than pissing her off. He knew she’d sing like a canary. He was simply a coward.

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whatisloveanyway ( member #66450) posted at 5:19 PM on Wednesday, August 9th, 2023


Hi, nice to meet you. I wish I knew a real couple that have been through this. I just have lots of girlfriends whose marriages ended due to infidelity. It's good to know there are more than I think.

First I almost deleted the book I wrote yesterday. I was not in a good head space. Some days the thoughts or feelings just pile up and its all I can think about, all I want to talk about and I just cry a lot and question my life choices and occasionally overshare on the internet! I took a short hike by a waterfall and stood in my zinnia patch and visited with the swallowtails and regrouped after a day of appointments and errands. My WH was waiting for me like a kid with our puppy, because he missed me. It all helped, that and some conversations and pm's here.

I really like what you said about recognizing, looking back, that there were ebbs in your love for him. I see how I did that in many ways in our lulls, and I had one rough patch when he was mean to us all where I wished he would leave so the tension in the house would lessen. I always told myself that commitment and marriage mean for better and worse and I tried to be grateful for the parts of him and our family life that were good, because much of it was. I always loved him and felt safe and trusting with him, I just excused things I shouldn't have to the life stressors and age stages we faced. Like you, cheating, even lying about what I did or where I went or who I was with was just not something I could conceive. I never had secrets, and believed in my heart he had none as well. I am embarrassed to admit that I do withhold things now, and gatekeep what I think WH needs or deserves to know about what I think or what I do. I don't really have any secrets, I just don't offer up information as a habit anymore.

I feel like you about pictures. It's hard not to see a gullible, pitiful self in those pictures early in the process, but I now see an amazing mom, friend, sister and all around nice person trying her best for everyone. I made the best choices I could with the information I had. I am and always will be a deeply caring and empathic person, and I value that and can be proud of the person I see in those pictures. Infidelity did not take my self respect or my values or the parts of me I cultivate, so I find solace in that.

I've posted this several times, but I still look at my Me photo album on my phone to ground myself. I stayed up late one night and tagged all the photos of me through the cheating and aftermath years, but only me, or me with my dog or kids or friends. Not a WH in sight. That album makes me smile every time. If I cry, they're tears of happiness for the blessings, love and friendships that have stayed constant, that I know to be true. I have lately added a few pics of me with WH, post cheating years, because they were good days and spark a happy memory and not a sad one. It is my best tool if I get bogged down in the past. How can I feel sorry for myself with that album full of fun and love? I recommend the Me album to anyone who mentions struggling with the visuals from the past, and hope they can see the good parts of themselves, their lives even during the awful stuff. Maybe it's time to make an Us album too, because we have had some grand adventures, wonderful family trips, peaceful and happy moments, since I drug him back into fidelity and monogamy. Maybe looking at that can help temper the sad or bad memories. I know it can't make up for his lack of work repairing himself and his A damage, but it can help with my perspective and gratitude for what remains.

After DDay, what kept me here, besides paralysis from emotional devastation and almost instinctive clinging and fighting for the marriage I wanted to save, was my kids and needing to be a source of stability and predictability in their lives. It also took me a long time to get over the humiliation of being a BS, being in one of those marriages, being that clueless woman and I didn't want to tell anyone what had become of us. What keeps me here now is an ever changing list of pros and cons, and as long as the pros list wins, staying makes sense.

Lastly, thanks for the perspective of the disregard for MOW being a good thing. You are right and I know it. If he had loved her I don't think I could continue trying. He asked me, very early in the discovering the real truth and the false reconciliation, if him not having any feelings for her or what she was going through made him a bad person. I told him that I was the wrong person to ask that question, because I want him to feel nothing for her, care nothing for her, and it would be painful if he did care about her. Though I know he did, or treated her as if he did, because of the many emails and texts I found, it was clear there was care and friendship. But not enough to matter. Kind of like his love for me? But I still wonder sometimes what that means about him, his ability to ghost another person, to share himself for a decade and then just not care. He explained it as once I'm done with someone I'm done. I wonder if it would just be too embarrassing or awkward for him to face her after the things she knows he told me, after the things I have said to her about him. I blew up his fake cheater persona with a lot of truth bombs to her, because I wanted their fairytale to die a bloody mess too.

He has never asked if what he did to us or to me makes him a bad person though, and will still argue that what he did was separate from us, never affected marriage or home life and has nothing to do with us, he always loved me and our family. It is foreign to me, this compartmentalization and rationalization and refusal to address unpleasant things or see things as they are not how we want them to be. I'm a pick it apart and fix it process improvement person, and in my world almost everything is connected and accessible. We are such very different people. I used to think that's why it worked, now I wonder if that's why it's not working the way I need it to. This topic - the infidelity or the recovery work needed to heal is always a battle ground, and at this point, I have to guess it always might be.

So, I write long sagas here, to share my story and confusion and to look for some touchstones in this forum to help me find comfort and find my way through. It breaks my heart to see new members keep piling up, or LT members still struggling with so many of the things I am trying to figure out. But it sure helps finding others who have been on this journey, and gathering hints and hope for the future. I am trying to spend less time on the JFO forum, and let the more experienced and wise members guide newbies along. I'm not sure I have a lot of useful content for them right now, and can get triggered reading so many fresh discoveries and raw emotions. I am right back there with them. I have haunted the S/D and New Beginnings threads several times over the past three or four years, as I have come as close to leaving as a person can get - everything from just going away for a while to pursing separation to clear a path for divorce, even asking him to separate. He won't give up yet or at least we are not both there at the same time. We have pulled back from that cliff but I can still see it, and feel like I am one more Bullshit lie or revelation or transgression from jumping off it. I'm frazzled. The SI version of adrenal fatigue maybe? No way to live in an attempt to reconcile, but maybe the narrows I have to pass through to get to whatever is next.

Wishing luck and peace and happiness to all who haunt this thread.

Edited just to cut out some of the overshare and whining....

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BW: 63 WH: 63 Both 57 on Dday, M 35 years, 2 grown kids. WH had 9 year A with MOW, 7 month false R, multiple DDays, years of trickle truth and so many lies. I got rid of her with one email but she still haunts me. Reconciling, or trying to.

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ThisIsSoLonely ( Guide #64418) posted at 12:46 AM on Sunday, August 13th, 2023

IDK if my WH's A qualifies as a LTA (2-3 years including the 1 year of FA depending on what counts as the beginning and end), but it seemed long term to me, and this resonated with me as I recall this feeling so well:

If he had loved her I don't think I could continue trying. He asked me, very early in the discovering the real truth and the false reconciliation, if him not having any feelings for her or what she was going through made him a bad person. I told him that I was the wrong person to ask that question, because I want him to feel nothing for her, care nothing for her, and it would be painful if he did care about her. Though I know he did, or treated her as if he did, because of the many emails and texts I found, it was clear there was care and friendship. But not enough to matter. Kind of like his love for me? But I still wonder sometimes what that means about him, his ability to ghost another person, to share himself for a decade and then just not care. He explained it as once I'm done with someone I'm done. I wonder if it would just be too embarrassing or awkward for him to face her after the things she knows he told me, after the things I have said to her about him. I blew up his fake cheater persona with a lot of truth bombs to her, because I wanted their fairytale to die a bloody mess too.

I did the truth bomb to the AP - I sent a big ugly email, with quite a few screens shots of texts to her, to me, with timestamps, and a clip of a call between them - but I sent it not only to the AP, but to the OBS and to my WH. Apparently that email was part of the absolute end of their A (at least to the best of my knowledge) and it ended in a total blow up with both of them calling the other liars etc while OBS and I sat back and let it happen I suppose. Apparently my WH was too cowardice to even finish reading it, so he fought with AP in the darkness of willful ignorance of what I had said in the email - what it contained - culpable deniability (e.g. "IDK what the email said as I didn't even bother to finish it....").

In my case there was also caring and friendship between them. That was and is undeniable. I would say there was more care and friendship between them than there was between us at that time, and definitely more lust. But love? IDK. I don't think so. Granted I don't think there was anything that qualified as love between us then either. The love in our relationship then flowed one way - from me to him. What I was getting back was a lot less than anything I want love to ever be. It was indifference at best from him, and disdain at worst. I don't think he had real love to give at all then - he didn't have enough time, and enough effort, and enough headspace for any single person then.

My WH never said he didn't have any feelings for her once the A had blown up once and for all. He skirted that question, and told me later that he though he loved her when the A was hot and heavy, but in hindsight it wasn't love. In other words, I've gotten something similar to what you described above w/out the self reflection your WS has about him being a bad person. It's a double edged sword - and I have felt it too. I so badly wanted WH NOT to love her, but then at the same time if he could decimate me, wholly and fully, for years, AND not love her - what kind of person is he? What can I expect from him ever? I mean who can do that to someone they love, for someone they don't? Is that really better??

It's a mind____ of the highest order.

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You are the only person you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with. Act accordingly.

Constantly editing posts: usually due to sticky keys on my laptop or additional thoughts

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NoThanksForTheMemories ( new member #83278) posted at 1:12 AM on Tuesday, August 15th, 2023

I can share from the other side. WH initially asked if loving two people made him a bad person. What about wanting to help someone? He thought he was "helping" his AP see that men could be open and communicative, unlike in her (AP's) marriage. Ugh. He thought she was "the one" because he felt so strongly for her, like nothing he'd ever felt before. He had to grieve the loss after breaking up with her.

I tolerated all this bullshit, thinking that he would come to his senses. He did eventually, but not until after DDay2, when I threatened divorce. Today (9months past dday1), he seems like he's falling back in love with me at last, but I am struggling to feel the same. The longer I had to watch him get over her, the more dead I became inside.

I've told him that he should've left me when he decided to pursue his feelings for her. I can understand accidentally catching feelings for someone. Shit happens, especially if you have poor boundaries. But the lies and deception - especially those that happened after dday1 - those are very hard to overcome. And watching your spouse get over his AP is brutal.

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WH had a 3 yr EA+PA. Dday Nov-22. 30 years together. Attempting to Reconcile.

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Chaos ( member #61031) posted at 11:16 PM on Thursday, September 14th, 2023

And watching your spouse get over his AP is brutal.

Damn - truer words were never spoken.

BS-me/WH-4.5yrLTA Married 2+ decades - Children (1 still at home) Multiple DDays w/same AP until I told OBS 2018 Cease & Desist sent spring 2021"Hello–My name is Chaos–You f***ed my husband-Prepare to Die!"

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NoThanksForTheMemories ( new member #83278) posted at 4:54 PM on Monday, September 25th, 2023

The time since my last post has been ... something. WH started a group class/therapy for waywards and has gone deeper in IC. This led to a confession about past "near miss" infidelities from long ago - women he was attracted to and one that he shared a room with during a work trip because he thought she was interested in him (she turned him down). He wants to clear his conscience, and he admits that he has a problem/vulnerability that goes beyond his LTA. He says he's working to become the person that fits his self-image and someone I can respect and love again.

This was the first time he's confessed voluntarily, but it was still like dday all over again for a while last week. I managed to bounce back faster this time - I have a lot more armor on now. He's going to have to continue the work and make the changes for a while before I can even start to trust that he's made himself safer, but I'm encouraged by his behavior. He's reading and journaling and doing IC once a week along with the group therapy. He's recognizing his self-centeredness and the flaws in his thinking. He's showing me genuine desire and love.

All of this is good, but I'm not taking my armor off anytime soon. I remain skeptical that he can making lasting change based on the other bad habits that he has struggled with the entire time I'm known him (nearly 30 years). He will hardcore diet or exercise or get into a new hobby for a year or so and then gradually lose interest. Unfortunately there's no way to know that he can maintain any change he makes other than waiting and watching, so that is what I'm doing for now.

I'm trying to take the positive signs at face value while still keeping myself protected. We're at 4 ddays now (10 months since dday1), and I can't help wonder what else? What other secrets is he keeping out of guilt and fear? With each round, things get better for him and worse for me. I don't know what will be left when this is all done.

WH had a 3 yr EA+PA. Dday Nov-22. 30 years together. Attempting to Reconcile.

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