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Secrets, lies and Cityxguide

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Throwaway999 posted 8/15/2020 17:20 PM

Please listen to the advice of all here...especially Hurtmyheart. I also am a recent widow to a WH. I firmly believe cheating is abuse. Your story strikes a cord that perhaps you have been played. Please protect yourself. Protect your assets. Do not tell him about this site. Let it be a safe haven for you as it has been for me. And donít tell him that the pre-nup is not court worthy...let him think it is.

I only lived not even 10 months in infidelity...and it was hell. Ending the marriage will be hard but look at what you are working with...he is not even remotely remorseful. Keep posting...we are all for you...and only have your best interest at heart

Ichthus posted 8/15/2020 20:43 PM

The porn photos were of an old girlfriend who did a porn movie...these were still shots from that movie.

Um.... doesn't he know he can download any pornstar to his phone and say that he fucked her?

Like oh wow he is soooooo cool that he got to fuck someone that fucks hundreds or maybe thousands of people..... When I think about that...... Yuck!

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