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Words with Friends

Smallwonders posted 5/16/2019 22:39 PM

Yep this just happened... I'm going to leave this right here. Seriously! I will call him DP for dumb person...

DP: wow!! Pretty lady!! Good luck from Manitoba, Canada.

Me: Good luck from Texas! And thank you for the nice compliment. It may be a slow game I work during the day.

DP: You are welcome--I call 'em like I see 'em.LOL
That's okay as far as the game goes - I only come here a few time a day. I like chatting with people from wherever - especially pretty ladies. besides - I bet you are worth waiting for LOL. Hope your week has been going well.

Me: It has been a good week How about yours?

DP: Pretty good -bt when you are retired it's all good. LOL. We had about a half inch of rain yesterday and really needed it -- the only bad thing now is the grass is growing like crazy. LOL Now we need some hot weather for the short shorts and bikini tops to appear!! Do you wear bikinis??

Me: Oh, I see you are a smooth talker.

DP: I try LMAO I just like to talk to ladies and perhaps see pic. Creepy??

Me: Not sure creepy is the word as much as it makes me wonder what you may be missing in real life. Does your Mrs. know you do that?

DP: I'd have to say no. I find it exciting and actually a little harmless fun. Some do - some don't. I've always appreciate the female gender and some also find it exciting. It's kind of a hobby!!

Me: Maybe, but short lived and unfulfilling. I bet she wishes you looked at her with the same desire you for the ones online. The heart is not a hobby.

DP: Well actually, I do. this is extracurricular. I'm a huggy, feely, snuggle kind of guy. To be honest-I didn't actually expect you to understand or be a part. I have no desire to ever meet or have relations with the people (ladies) I meet online.

Me: I understand more than you would expect.

DP: Why do you say that?

Me: Because I am married to a man like you.

DP: I doubt he is like me. You don't what I'm like. If you want to talk (gives me his email address) I love my family and will do anything for them.

Me: I know you do...What you don't know is how much they love you.

unspecified posted 5/16/2019 23:13 PM I wish that hadn't been the last thing I read before going to sleep.

On behalf of all Canadians I just want to apologize to you

sassylee posted 5/16/2019 23:19 PM

Creeps come from every nation.

annanew posted 5/16/2019 23:24 PM

Yikes. I'm really sorry.

I don't think he's going to change. It must be hard to accept that.

And it's definitely creepy to be asking random people for bikini pics within 2 minutes of "meeting" them.

Dragonfly123 posted 5/17/2019 01:44 AM

Small wonders, classy replies to this jerk! You rocked this!

rugswept posted 5/17/2019 03:43 AM

is this for real?
I suppose i can imagine this kind of thing happening. But seriously, how can anyone carry on a disrespect conversation like that, asking for personals and being so intrusive in minutes?

from the way it looks, that's probably just a routine conversation that disgusting idiot carries on day after day.

thanks for posting it.

Marie2792 posted 5/17/2019 06:27 AM

I belong to a game site I play weekly though not as often as I used to. I have four friends and two of those are my mom and sister. I get random guys trying to talk to me all the time. I ignore they get mad and make rude comments before they leave.

So much more common than people realize. Iím glad you spoke up. His poor wife probably doesnít know what heís up to. Canít imagine anyone would give permission for their spouse to have poor boundaries.

[This message edited by Marie2792 at 6:28 AM, May 17th (Friday)]

swmnbc posted 5/17/2019 08:01 AM

I play WWF and even though I had it set so that strangers couldn't start games with me, there was a glitch and I would get game after game started by men with stupid opening lines.

At some point the glitch corrected itself, thank goodness. I never replied so then occasionally I'd have the lovely experience of some entitled man start berating me for not replying when I never asked him to start a game with me. Entitlement + fragile ego equals no bueno.

[This message edited by swmnbc at 8:01 AM, May 17th, 2019 (Friday)]

Justsomeguy posted 5/17/2019 08:20 AM

People like this exist???

Chaos posted 5/17/2019 08:30 AM

Me: I understand more than you would expect.

DP: Why do you say that?

Me: Because I am married to a man like you.

DP: I doubt he is like me. You don't what I'm like. If you want to talk (gives me his email address) I love my family and will do anything for them.

Me: I know you do...What you don't know is how much they love you.

Dear God. I'm shaking my head and saying that aloud. Dear God.

You exhibited so much class.

DP is so damn slimy I need to take a long shower and scrub his comments away. I could go on but I'm sure there is nothing I could say that isn't being thought by every reader on here.

barcher144 posted 5/17/2019 10:28 AM

People like this exist???

Uh, yes.

This is not the first thread that I have seen like this.

I can name a few other forms of internet entertainment where things like this happen somewhat regularly.

I have a friend who does an awful lot of stuff online related to her love of animals. She is propositioned regularly, even though she is married and currently 8-months pregnant.

I play a lot of Words with Friends. I barely speak to my opponents, a couple of whom I have maintained a consecutive game streak of 2+ years.

nothisfriend posted 5/17/2019 11:36 AM

I was getting men of a certain age following my Instagram account and starting to send me PMs so I made my account private. Now I get about 1-2 requests per week from men who make no posts but follow hundreds of accounts.

No thank you!

SaddestDad posted 5/17/2019 11:41 AM

This hurts me a bit because my WW used Words With Friends to plan/sext with AP. I reached out to their customer support to recover in-game chats, but they'd already purged their servers from the date-range I needed.
So crazy how many invisible portals to A's are open and available. :-/

allusions posted 5/17/2019 11:46 AM

Wow. I wonder if there is any way to figure out who this guy is in real life and track down his wife and send her this conversation.

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