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Fixing a wood stain hack job?

I made the mistake of assuming a handyman would know how to stain unfinished pine.... well, he didn’t. Applied it with a brush, very heavy. I can see the brush strokes in places. I’d rather not sand and re-start completely. Would thinning it with paint thinner (for oil-based stain) and lacquer-thinner (for another piece that has water-based stain) help? Would it damage the wood underneath? No top coat has been applied, I stopped him before that. Any other salvaging ideas?

Ugh, really stupid of me. Thx in advance for any advice.

6 comments posted: Thursday, May 20th, 2021

What car would you *Love* to drive for a week?

It's my Dad's 80th coming up. I am thinking of renting him a luxury/exotic car for a week or month, one that would be a thrill to drive.

He loved trying my sister's tesla, and he's always been sad he had to give up his mustang convertible back in the day (70s I think, possibly earlier). He enjoys car shows.

What car is just a true thrill to drive? I see as options: maserati, porsche, tesla. Having zero experience with any of them, I am having a hard time choosing... I could also go the vintage route but I think there may be more thrill in something brand new.

10 comments posted: Friday, January 22nd, 2021

Parenting Books

What are your favs? I'm a parenting book junkie lately.

I started a year ago with How to Talk So Kids Will Listen - a great classic, and a lot of the more recent texts follow the same approach. Anyone read this and had success with the practical approach?

Since then -

Parent Effectiveness Training - good, similar to how to talk but fairly extreme in that it interprets everything a kid does as expressing a "need", a little bit too extreme for my taste.

Parenting from the Inside Out - a lot of people swear by this one so I may have to give it another read. I didn't take much away from it the first time.

The Whole Brain Child - by same author as above, very similar.

Playful Parenting - I LOVE this one. It's an uplifting read, super fun, and great advice that is different from a lot of the standard texts.

A Child's Work - about the importance of play, but no advice for parents - really intended for educators.

Hold on to Your Kids - Reading this now. Pretty alarmist and I'm not sure that I buy the premise that kids are more peer-oriented now than they ever were. But I'm hoping it will have some solid advice. It's interesting for an SI audience perhaps because it draws a parallel between teen rejection of parents and foggy affair behavior.

On my list: Mind in the Making, and The Five Love Languages of Kids

I also read Welcome to your Child's Brain, and Brain Rules for Baby several years ago, though I wouldn't characterize these as parenting books.

8 comments posted: Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

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