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My Dr is billing some appts as behavioral/mental health

Is it common and accepted practice for a doctor to bill some appointments as behavioral health (separate insurance) when

(1) that was not the patient’s stated purpose of the visit (for example - someone books an appt for fatigue and doctor bills appt as mental health)
(2) patient was not informed

Just mainly curious how unusual this is. My doctor dislikes me and has been very dismissive, not even wanting to review test results from other specialists like my allergist, because she decided long ago there’s nothing wrong with me. I probably need a new Dr but I did value her guidance earlier in the relationship. I don’t know what I did to annoy her. I saw her 1x per year for 4 years and then I had some problems and probably went 5x in one year.

6 comments posted: Monday, June 20th, 2022

Parenting Books

What are your favs? I'm a parenting book junkie lately.

I started a year ago with How to Talk So Kids Will Listen - a great classic, and a lot of the more recent texts follow the same approach. Anyone read this and had success with the practical approach?

Since then -

Parent Effectiveness Training - good, similar to how to talk but fairly extreme in that it interprets everything a kid does as expressing a "need", a little bit too extreme for my taste.

Parenting from the Inside Out - a lot of people swear by this one so I may have to give it another read. I didn't take much away from it the first time.

The Whole Brain Child - by same author as above, very similar.

Playful Parenting - I LOVE this one. It's an uplifting read, super fun, and great advice that is different from a lot of the standard texts.

A Child's Work - about the importance of play, but no advice for parents - really intended for educators.

Hold on to Your Kids - Reading this now. Pretty alarmist and I'm not sure that I buy the premise that kids are more peer-oriented now than they ever were. But I'm hoping it will have some solid advice. It's interesting for an SI audience perhaps because it draws a parallel between teen rejection of parents and foggy affair behavior.

On my list: Mind in the Making, and The Five Love Languages of Kids

I also read Welcome to your Child's Brain, and Brain Rules for Baby several years ago, though I wouldn't characterize these as parenting books.

8 comments posted: Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

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