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Motherís Day vent

Charlie99 posted 5/11/2019 23:00 PM

Happy F****** Motherís Day to me!

Dear EXH
Thanks so much for leaving me with 4 kids who think you walk on water. I hope you are enjoying your time in Bali with new girl, whilst I get to fight with D8 over her meds, d13 over forms for camp and homework, and S10 has a melt down over his school pants not being dry yet to take to his grand parents, even though he doesnít need to wear them till tomorrow.

Thank you so much for having them a week at a time, and calling me a useless mother who shouldnít get anything for motherís day, even though I still manage their day to day needs, yet are with you! Thank you so much for letting me cover all their medical expenses ( and thereís a lot), because even when they are with you, you canít be arsed taking them to their appointments, and donít bother giving D8 her meds, and I get to pick up the pieces.

Thank you so much for giving me a motherís day full of fights and completely inappropriate behaviour from them, because you had to rinds at 7 am, and tell them how much crap you have bought them in Bali.

Happy Motherís Day to Me!

Mene posted 5/12/2019 00:05 AM

Happy Motherís Day to you, Charlie99.

No matter what your low-life ex-husband does, never forget youíre awesome. Parenting four children is not easy. Be good to yourself. Your children will remember the sacrifices you made for them and when they are old enough will look back and say proudly youíre their mother. Iím sorry youíre going through a rough day.

[This message edited by Mene at 12:06 AM, May 12th (Sunday)]

StillLivin posted 5/12/2019 00:21 AM

Fuck that noise. I hate your X too! Asshat. Happy Mother's Day, Love!

Dragonfly123 posted 5/12/2019 04:13 AM

One day those kids will realise what a fantastic mum they have. One who has always had their back and always taken care of them. Theyíll look at your XH and see him for the selfish aíhole he is.

Happy Motherís Day youíre doing a fantastic job!

Tallgirl posted 5/12/2019 05:35 AM

When your kids get old enough to see outside of their own needs they will so appreciate you and they will tell you.

I am sorry your asshat xwh is so selfish. Your kids know who is loving them right now at home. Itís mom.

Happy Motherís Day Charlie. You are an amazing strong mom and a great person.

WhoTheBleep posted 5/12/2019 08:36 AM

Oh girrrlllll, you have been heard!! Loud and clear!!

I've been controlling a simmering rage since seeing how much $ WH has, and is pissing away, all while giving me nothing. And my belt is so tight I can barely breathe.

Vent away!!! You may lose the battle, but the war will be your victory. Stay the course. Your kids will see who their dad is. It will take time, but they see and understand more than you know. Be patient. Victory is yours.

cocoplus5nuts posted 5/12/2019 08:50 AM


You have been heard.

Thissucks5678 posted 5/12/2019 09:53 AM

Iím sorry Charlie. Happy Motherís Day. I hope your day gets better.

Carissima posted 5/12/2019 12:33 PM

OMG, he's already in Bali with a new girl? Didn't you just get rid of him for good less than 2 weeks ago?
I'm so sorry you're going through this. There's a lot of truth in the belief that children act up with the parent they have trust in.
Is there any way you can use the medication issue to reduce access? After all it's a danger to her health.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the day and have a relaxing evening.

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