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Massage parlors?

Lionne posted 2/26/2019 11:55 AM

I hate to make blanket judgments on anything. It seems as though there are many "Asian" places that are not legitimate. How would we know?

I use an Asian place. They give the best massages for a fair price, I have paid twice as much at a fancier place for less time and rather lackluster massages. The place I use isn't fancy but all the practitioners are excellent. There are licenses hanging on the wall, but I've never looked for specific names. Most of the masseuses don't speak English well, the proprietor does and she has kids in the neighborhood schools. I've never seen or heard anything hinky, and I've never been asked if I want anything extra, except for time.

So how do I know?

FaithFool posted 2/26/2019 12:25 PM

I had one massage years ago in San Francisco after walking all day. We both went to a Thai place (this was a couple of years before I found out everything that can't be mentioned here...).

I was uncomfortable, all I could think of was which room the happy endings were happening in.

I've been going to a male RMT for years now. He's a big ginger Celt who looks like he could be Prince Harry's twin bro.

I've met his wife and daughter. Absolutely no monkey business.

It's easy to print up certificates. I would look them up with the licensing body.

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tushnurse posted 2/26/2019 12:34 PM

The fact that they have their Licensures hanging in public view is a very good sign.
If it was a jinky place I'm fairly certain you would be able to figure it out quickly.

There is an area where I live that is a known part of town w/ Asian grocery, nail, and massage places. All of which appear to be on the up and up. However there is one that is in a different part of town that is not. I would not step foot in it.

Lionne posted 2/26/2019 12:58 PM

I was uncomfortable, all I could think of was which room the happy endings were happening in.

Before that which shall not be named on this forum, that would never have occurred to me.

I've been to masseuses in chiropractor's offices. One was excellent but quit, the others not so good.

I guess I'll stick to this one unless I find out other stuff.

million pieces posted 2/26/2019 15:13 PM

Is there a site that you can look up reviews ? As in happy ending reviews?

boontje posted 2/26/2019 15:28 PM

There is a site where you can look up places like this. I wish I didn't know this, but I do. I'm not sure if I am allowed to post the name, so if you would like to know, feel free to pm me.

dontsaylovely posted 2/26/2019 15:58 PM

Since all the stuff we can't talk about here I have only had massages offered as part of a medical centre. I don't know of a surefire way of knowing otherwise.

Lionne posted 2/26/2019 16:20 PM

Boontje I will PM you but I think I've found that site. I cannot read the reviews unless I pay and the newest one is from 3 years ago.
I also found reviews there about the expensive and, I believe, completely legitimate expensive place down the road.
My place doesn't look like some of the sites I saw on a web page discussing this topic, it's in a small strip mall, next to a barber shop (who's owner/operator is the owner of the whole complex) and a liquor store, two restaurants and a realty office. All of those businesses are long time residents and seem very classy. No crazy hours, older women are the therapists, no one lives on site.
{Sigh} wish I lived in a world that didn't have me question this shit.

sisoon posted 2/26/2019 17:46 PM

The place I used in the past told me 'legit therapeutic massage only' on the phone, and 'legit therapeutic massage only' when I arrived.

Then I had to sign a release saying I knew it was for legit massage only.

Then the messeuse told me 'legit therapeutic therapeutic massage only.'

I actually wondered if that was all covering for illegit massage, but I wanted a real therapeutic massage, and that is what I got.

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tigerfann posted 2/28/2019 16:54 PM

I used to go to a nail place that I really liked; the staff was nice,it was always super clean, AND they did a great job on my nails! It was located in a very nice suburban area.
About the 3rd time I went in the middle of the day; off then b/c of a doctor appt. In the hour or so I was there, 4 different men came in & went straight back to a "massage room." As if that isn't weird enough~they all went OUT a back door. I found a NEW nail salon after this.
The answer to your question: You DON'T always know who is legit, or who has something else going on. Just be aware...and if something seems hinky, it might be.

latebloomer45 posted 2/28/2019 17:26 PM


I have always used Massage Envy, worth the money to me. I knew a girl whose ex worked at "my" Massage Envy. He was distraught over the breakup, touched a client's breast. She told on him, he didn't deny it, he lost his job and then his license and sells cell phones now. I have complete confidence that nothing gross is going on there.

barcher144 posted 3/1/2019 08:56 AM

A couple of years ago (post D-day), I kind of got interested in massages. I tried a few different places... and I eventually decided that I didn't really like receiving massages. They definitely make nice gifts for others. I still subscribe to a massage discussion group on another well-known internet site (it's mostly licensed massage therapists).

Even as a guy, I find the whole concept of getting a "happy ending" massage a little creepy... so I wanted to avoid the rub-and-tug places too. So, I have done some investigating on this very problem...

There is a site where you can look up places like this.

This is definitely true, although the purpose of the site is that you can find such a place... not so that you can avoid such a place. (I found out about this site from the same aforementioned well-known internet discussion group. It was creepy... one of the rub-and-tugs is right by my old house!).

Most of the masseuses don't speak English well, the proprietor does and she has kids in the neighborhood schools. I've never seen or heard anything hinky, and I've never been asked if I want anything extra, except for time.

From what I understand (and I could be totally wrong), the happy ending is usually only offered to guys, so you wouldn't know.

Anyway, I used to think that any place that advertised on Groupon was probably okay. A couple of my experiences were a little creepy with Groupon-purchased massages, so I no longer think that Groupon = safe.

My advice is to skip any place that advertises as Asian massage. I would make sure that the place hires only licensed massage therapists. I'd also recommend that you stick to reputable businesses, like a chiropractor or a physical therapy office.

Lionne posted 3/1/2019 11:25 AM

Thanks. I think this one may be okay but of course, I could be totally wrong.
My problem with Massage Envy, chiropractor massage, and even the very expensive place down the road is consistency. I've had good massage there, even gone back only to find that masseuse was gone, replaced by someone who just wasn't good, or was awful. I've had three practitioners here, all were excellent.
I have a bunch of conditions that make me achy. They've helped.
I checked out that website they want money to look at reviews. My place had 5 reviews but none was newer than 2006.

Thanks for your input

Skan posted 3/2/2019 12:19 PM

I have a massage therapist that I go to every two weeks. She keeps me walking! Previously, I used therapists from a local rehab place, but it was VERY expensive, and as many of you have mentioned, I rarely was able to get the same therapist consistently. The way that I found my present therapist was to go online to my medical insurance site, and look to see if they covered any part of alternative/holistic therapies. They did have a list of providers who gave a bit of a discount if you were a member. I took that list of providers, and cross checked it with a local College of Oriental Medicine. When I went to their site, they had a pull-down for referrals for their graduates. I winnowed the list down to a couple of people who were close to me, and hit the ball out of the park with the first practitioner that I found.

You might google "massage therapy schools near me" and see if you can use their referrals, if they offer them. This probably won't help with your original question of how you know if your local Asian place is legit or not, but it might help someone find find a legit practitioner around them.

k8la posted 3/2/2019 21:21 PM

My husband is a licensed massage therapist. Every time one of those male massage therapists hit the news my flesh crawls, because it makes every other male massage therapist suspect.

But I suggest going to the schools' clinics, and finding a student who's planning on setting up practice or joining a clinic in your area who also has skills. Sensitivity can't be taught. And husband has limped away from Massage Envy because they pay therapists $15 an hour plus tips and can't keep the good ones - and those who have been there know what they're paying. That's a whole lot of overhead. Chiropractors are no better. Some pay as much as $30 but if they're set up on insurance billing, they get paid as much as $180 for that same amount of time.

For the liability these therapists take on, they can make as much money working in a cheap call center, and go home at night not worrying about some creepy customer objecting to mandatory draping, or saying a therapist jiggled their breast while working on a shoulder, etc.

Lionne posted 3/2/2019 21:28 PM

K, that's awful. This is hard work. A good masseuse expends so much energy! I always worry about that...
I'm surely hoping this place I use isn't doing anything skanky. As I said, the owner has kids in our schools (the eldest one with academic accolades) and it's a local business, I try to shop in my town.

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