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Emotional Alchemy - mindfulness topic

I'm almost finished listening to Emotional Alchemy by Tara Bennett-Goleman.

I had previously recommended a book to someone then found for that person some triggers in some of the content, so I've been cautious about sharing since. I'd been actively reducing my sensitivity to triggers in order to heal my relationship with my husband but also to keep those triggers from rippling into other aspects of my life. So the content of that particular book made sense to me and I felt bad about my lack of sensitivity that it might be a bit of a rough read/listen for someone who was just embarking on the healing path.

However, this book had some profound insights for me as an active trigger disarmer. Having dealt with anxiety from the time I was a toddler having witnessed violence, alcoholism, and other forms of mental illness-sourced abuse, I found mindfulness pointers to be extremely helpful. This will be a book I listen to on repeat as I internalize and work to remove some of those buttons my FOO installed decades ago.

3 comments posted: Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey

I just finished this book. I would say a must read for any wayward truly wanting to understand what they blew up, and why it will be so difficult for them to rebuild.

Also for betrayed spouses who want to extend trust but no longer willing to go with blind faith.

This book gave me words I haven't been able to find in 5 years, and my wh may finally get a chance to learn and earn his "F" to add to WH.

0 comment posted: Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

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