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honey, they always affair down...

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nekorb posted 8/5/2016 21:15 PM

just an easy lay-target.

Yep. Cockwomble's OW fits that description to a T.

Kat19 posted 8/6/2016 06:34 AM

The OW my husband chose to have an affair with is a pill head who has a felony conviction for robbing a pharmacy and one for child endangerment.I'm much better looking and thinner and have my shit together while she was only concerned with where her next xanex was coming from. My husband said part of the attraction was he got to feel like the good one where in our relationship I'm the good one.

MadOldBat posted 8/6/2016 06:53 AM

She was actually quite a crotch hound.

I love this...... exactly like my WH's ex-GF (or not quite so ex as I thought!)

hisloss posted 8/6/2016 07:47 AM

My xh's OW is a few years younger than me, about 50 pounds heavier, and is as phony as the day is long. She could charm a cobra out of a basket, but then bite that snake if she felt like it!

minusone posted 8/18/2016 06:11 AM


minusone posted 8/22/2016 06:00 AM


ThereRFourLights posted 8/22/2016 13:55 PM

This is by far the BEST thing I've read so far. I'm going to print this gem out and leave it for my husband to read. And then I'm going to re read it about 100 times.

minusone posted 8/22/2016 15:06 PM

Glad it helped... don't forget to read the other posts with the bullseyes and go to the Healing Library (yellow box) and the Tactical primer on the top of this forum.

Knowledge is power. Gain your power back. Take care of YOU.

SoulCrushed16 posted 8/22/2016 17:31 PM

Love this!!!

Well I'm not sure if any of you have seen Nanny McPhee... But you know that donkey that was dressed up?? That's who my WH's AP looked like.... No joke.

ThatGuy728 posted 8/22/2016 22:40 PM

Not going to lie, even though I know he's supposedly cheating on her already, still a little tough to think about how my ex wife is still with the Doctor she was having an affair with, 8 months later after I filed for divorce. I know I shouldn't care, I don't miss her or want her back. I guess it just pisses me off that she still thinks she has everything going for her. That I cancelled our beach vacation because of the affair, the first vacation out of the country I would have had in 3 years, and didn't get to go. Here she is in St. Thomas with him 3 months after we separated. I know that they always affair down, but knowing that doesn't always ease the pain on days when it happens to show its face. Here she is happy, and I'm having to deal with trying to move on with my life.

amanda123 posted 8/22/2016 22:54 PM

ThatGuy, I understand it hardly feels that they affaired down. We know it, but they dont seem to or at least they probably dont think they have at that point in time.

SoulCrushed16 posted 8/23/2016 00:59 AM


They are still together 3 months later... Yes this hurts, it's a slap in the face. It sucks sooo bad when the cheaters get off Scott free and are happy right??... Yeah, not really... This is real life. There is a very small percentage of cheaters that actually make it, and I mean small (3% or less). If they did it together they will do it to each other. The doctor will dump your ex for the next conquest.

ThatGuy728 posted 8/23/2016 07:35 AM

Yep, I know only a small percentage make it, but I guess as time goes on it makes me wonder how long they'll actually last. They've been together 8 months since I filed, and coming up on a year since they started seeing each other I think. Again, I know I shouldn't care and that I need to not think about it. But going through divorce should have been the hardest thing we had to do. Yet it most likely wasn't hard for her at all since she had him to replace me while I was at the house we built a life in, alone. "We know it, but they don't seem to or at least they probably don't think they have at that point in time". Yaa, this right here.

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mccloud posted 8/29/2016 13:24 PM


karat24 posted 8/29/2016 16:08 PM

I absolutely love this!!! So very true and it made me feel a little better

mccloud posted 9/2/2016 14:10 PM

Love it. Bump

Wool94 posted 9/2/2016 18:05 PM

If the OM affaired down... what does that say about me? What I'm saying is that my wife was the other woman for someone else.

That's a real insult to us that are married to the OW.

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neecee posted 9/3/2016 01:23 AM

I always loved this post. Definitely a favorite!!!

minusone posted 9/8/2016 06:40 AM


Hawke posted 9/8/2016 15:05 PM

Huh! I just realized that I was the person that this post was first bumped for (this is not the original "affair down" post). I know that a lot of the people in this forum are feeling a kind of despair and agony that they didn't know existed. I was there last year. Eventually, I clawed my way out of that pit and feel 1 million times better. Just take it a day at a time, or an hour at a time. Do what you need to in order to stay healthy.

And yes, they do always affair down.

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