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MangledHeart posted 9/21/2012 16:44 PM

First, I want to emphasize that SI will remain a free website and existing members will continue to have access to all existing features moving into the future. When DS and I founded SI we did so to offer support for those that could not afford to pay premium fees to receive the support they desired to survive infidelity.

Second, I want to express how difficult it is for DS or myself to bring ourselves to ask for donations to help keep this a free site for all who enjoy it. We truly appreciate when members do this on behalf of SI, or to even go to the effort of staging fundraisers like many of you have done in the past. These fundraisers generally produce enough funding to keep SI operating for several months at a time.

DS and I, along with feedback and suggestions from the staff, have developed some additional features that we feel may be of interest to you. Along with these new features we are also going to make a change to how we handle access to the Investigative Tips forum for any new members that activate their memberships from this point forward. If you have already activated your membership then this new access restriction does not apply to you.

These changes are an effort to capitalize on SI and make it a self-sustaining non-profit organization. We have put together a series of packages that members may find appealing enough to donate to gain access to.

Effective immediately, the following changes have been implemented:

  • Members registering from this point forward will no longer gain access to Investigative Tips on their 51st post.

  • Donations of $20 or more per year will gain access to Investigative Tips and have access to SImplicity, a new mobile-friendly version of SI. For security reasons Investigative Tips will still require 51 legitimate posts to gain access.

    SImplicity also provides access to all of your posts that have not already been archived and SMS text notifications of incoming private messages.

  • Donations of $35 or more per year will receive the above benefits and also gain access to double storage space for their private message feature.

  • Donations of $50 or more per year will receive the above benefits and also gain access to their posts/threads in the SI archives dating back to 2008, ability to follow or forget other members, and granted a one-time permanent name change.

These upgrades are available now for members donating via credit card on our new secured upgrade form here. This link is also now available in your profile and you can also choose to sponsor another member by using the link located in their profile.

We are hoping this upgrade will generate enough interest to pay overhead and possibly allow us to start an advertising budget to make the public more aware of our community.

Upgrade Your Profile and enjoy access to these new features.

[This message edited by SI Staff at 9:31 AM, May 22nd (Tuesday)]

enduring posted 9/21/2012 17:00 PM

Great idea! But I usually use paypal and didn't see a link for that. Is that available?

Mama_of_3_Kids posted 9/21/2012 17:04 PM

Cool...really, if someone wants "full access" $50/year isn't that much. It's just over $4.50/month...I think I can give up a "splurge" once a month that equals that $4.50

MangledHeart posted 9/21/2012 17:05 PM

The system I built requires a credit card in order to automate the upgrade. PayPal doesn't offer the same advantages and would be a hassle to maintain.

We will discuss this further and let you know if we come up with a solution.

downfall posted 9/21/2012 17:24 PM


Are these changes why I cannot view posts unless I am logged in? I'm sure your working on it. Any thoughts into going further back into the archives then 2008?

Appears to be the same in Firefox (14.0.1) and IE (8).

Many positive thoughts.


[This message edited by downfall at 5:27 PM, September 21st (Friday)]

[This message edited by MangledHeart at 5:29 PM, September 21st (Friday)]

Jrazz posted 9/21/2012 17:24 PM

gahurts posted 9/21/2012 17:27 PM

I agree with JRazz.

JandAandE posted 9/21/2012 17:29 PM

I've been having the same issues as Downfall all day today.

MangledHeart posted 9/21/2012 17:30 PM

Are these changes why I cannot view posts unless I am logged in?

Thank you for reporting this. It should be corrected now.

StillGoing posted 9/21/2012 17:34 PM

"Transaction Failed

This transaction cannot be accepted."

I turned noscript off but got the same error.

MangledHeart posted 9/21/2012 17:35 PM

"Transaction Failed
This transaction cannot be accepted."

I'm looking into this.

broken <3 posted 9/21/2012 17:40 PM

Hi there! Great idea and honestly the cost is minimal. Quick question - if I upgrade now will I have all my old post back or will it be effective after I upgrade?
I really want to keep my old posts to see my progress and healing from day one

MangledHeart posted 9/21/2012 17:45 PM

Still Going, please try again. I believe the failure message you received has been corrected.

Broken <3, you will be able to view your posts that have already been archived once you upgrade.

For those who have already upgraded to Platinum. You can view your archived posts by going into your profile in the SImplicity versions of SI.

SilverRose13 posted 9/21/2012 17:56 PM

is this per account? WH and i both have an account, and would both like these features, but we could not afford $100+ per year.

StillGoing posted 9/21/2012 17:59 PM

Yep, that did it. Thank you sir.

stilllovingher posted 9/21/2012 18:07 PM

this is great!
Im so glad you guys are doing this.
and to be able to see my first posts...priceless!

Mrs Panda posted 9/21/2012 18:10 PM

Any way that mail in donations can be accepted for upgrade? My BH doesn't approve of my ongoing "need" for SI, kwim?

Aubrie posted 9/21/2012 18:14 PM

and to be able to see my first posts...priceless!

Fa sho! I copy/paste alot of my stuff but had already lost most everything from my first month here.

Thank you DS and MH.

Very cool stuff.

MangledHeart posted 9/21/2012 18:15 PM

is this per account?

This is per account so both profiles would have to be upgraded. However if you choose to only upgrade one profile to Platinum, the other profile's posts will be visible in the archives for any threads you have both posted to.

BaxtersBFF posted 9/21/2012 18:19 PM

I read my first post from almost 3 years ago. Holy Crap!!!

I think I have many thank yous to give for those who helped me out so long ago...

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