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Caught wife cheating

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Ponus18 posted 7/31/2020 17:46 PM

Good for you for contacting the OBS. Having been here a while I can tell you there are some who just won't do it (though most do when they get the consistent advice to do so here).

You did her a big favor. Now she knows the truth of her life she can make decisions how to proceed and she can protect her health as well.

Well done.

Robert22205https posted 7/31/2020 17:57 PM

You did the right thing by notifying the OBS.

Don't be surprised if when the bomb drops he'll try to contact your wife.

Buffer posted 8/2/2020 02:35 AM

Well done, the OMW had the right to know, needed to be told and will need what information you have. The shit will hit the fan any day now when AP informs your STBX. She will blame you for ruining both marriages Take none of that as it was on both of them Not their spouses.
One day at a time

ShutterHappy posted 8/2/2020 02:59 AM

You did the right thing.

What is your plan for getting out of infidelity? Are you marching forward with D?

you are taking care of yourself? You have to, you have young children to take care of and you’re the only responsible adult.

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