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On the ride to the hospital

Last week a friend called and asked if I would take him to the hospital and then pick him up after he had day surgery.

On the way to the hospital, his cell phone rings. He puts the call on speaker phone, it is his STBXW. I initially thought, wow, she still has feelings for him (I witnessed the separation and divorce for these two, it was anything but amicable), and is concerned about the surgery.

That thought vanished almost immediately, when she demanded he send her the alimony and child support before his surgery as she was concerned that "something could happen" and she needed the money.

Then she told him that once he got home, to text her and she would drop of the kids for the weekend as she had plans! Not a care or any type of concern about how he would be able to handle the children who are 7 and 4 years old with a arm that is immobilized for the next 6 weeks (tendon attachment surgery).

It was a uncomfortable phone call as she didn't know I was in attendance, but he did tell her she was on speaker phone.

What a charming, warm human being!

5 comments posted: Monday, April 18th, 2022

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