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Guardian angel working over time

DragnHeart posted 11/9/2019 04:04 AM

Oh ya'all just ain't going to believe this.

Was on my way into town yesterday to do the banking after wh got home from work. On a road that's just off one of the main highways. Came up to a cross street. They have a stop sign, I have the right of way.

Oncoming is a vehicle waiting to turn left with a line if traffic behind him. On the cross street theres a white pick up truck waiting to turn out on my passenger side. They both must wait for ME to pass.

Last damn second the truck pulls out right in front if me.

I had two choices.

Slam on my brakes and pray.

Or swerve hard to the left, then right and hope I was able to miss both the truck AND the car waiting to turn.

I chose that second option and frigging missed both of inches. Of course as I came back right I nearly ended up in the ditch as I slammed on my brakes.

I was shaking so badly I had to put the van in park because I couldn't keep firm pressure on the brake.

The truck was out in the middle of the road, paused for a second then took off. Good thing too cause had I not been so shaken I would have given him a piece of my mind. The other car did their turn to where the truck pulled out from and everyone went on their way. I sat there for 15 minutes before i could even get out to make sure I hadn't hit anyone.

That was some fine defensive driving on my part but i tell ya, being short sucks. Even with the belt all the way down it sits across my neck. Usually I pull it down more to hook around my shoulder but since my shoulder hurts I had left it. I keep thinking had I just slammed on my brakes I would have hit the drivers side front tire of that truck and having been doing highway speed could have been really hurt by that belt across my neck.

I feel as if my left side has been hit with a baseball bat. Arms rib cage very sore. And my shoulder well....I cant lift my arm right now. I didn't think I had hit the door but that's what it feels like.

I think once I finally got home my guardian angel smoked a joint, had a drink and went for a hot bath lol.

And this happens a day after we hear about a tow truck driver we know being killed. He was winching a car out of the ditch, another car lost control and slammed right into him. Fml it happens so fast.

pearlamici posted 11/9/2019 04:34 AM

WOW - Glad to hear you're okay! You deserve a hot bath (and a drink lol).

DragnHeart posted 11/9/2019 04:58 AM

I was going to have a hot bath last night but once I got into the bathroom figured I may be able to get in the tub but I wouldn't be getting out, at least not on my own.

somanyyears posted 11/9/2019 07:55 AM

..Holy crap Dragn..

You don't need any more drama in your life!

As I read .."Came up to a cross street." I thought you were going to say... "I looked out the window and saw a package, turned out to be full of money!!!

...but no...

Not hitting that idiot was even better an outcome in the big picture.

So glad you are OK and not posting from a hospital bed...or worse!!!

Note to your Guardian Angel: Please keep a close eye on this fine lady!


DragnHeart posted 11/9/2019 08:04 AM

There were so many factors in play. The fact that last year on that road I had a doe and her fan jump out in front of me so I tend to drive on high alert and slower if no one is behind me.

Had I been going the actual speed who knows what could have happened.

That guy couldn't have missed me. He stopped at the stop sign and stayed there. I didn't expect him at all to try to beat me by pulling out.

I still dont know how I missed either vehicle. I just... dont know. It must have been just by the skin of my teeth that's for sure.

And there is a scratch on the van but it's from DS slamming his bike into it. Even when said so. But if course inwas a total wreck standing in the dark with my hands shaking trying to use my phone light to look.

I have to go back into town today to get groceries. Needless to say I'm a bit nervous. People were passing me constantly. They must have been doing 90-100km. No one seems to think an accident can happen.

And I'm sore. Fml my body aches.

Yes pray for my guardian angel. She needs all the help she can get lol

BraveSirRobin posted 11/9/2019 09:41 AM

Dragn, so glad you're ok!!

I have terrible defensive driving reflexes. My H was behind the wheel years ago, approaching the Baltimore tunnel on I-95, when a sportscar that was weaving in and out of traffic lost control and spun out in front of us. I would unquestionably have hit the brakes, and we'd have been rear-ended and started a pileup. He did what you did, accelerated and managed to dodge it, despite high speed traffic in both adjacent lanes. To this day, he credits video games for the skills that saved us both.

Gottagetthrough posted 11/9/2019 10:10 AM

Dragn! So glad you’re ok! Sounds like you did exactly the right thing in a high stress situation. You and your guardian angel both deserve that bath and a good stiff drink!

DragnHeart posted 11/9/2019 13:17 PM

Onenodnthe biggest phone snsninternwt companies had their network crash. My cell company uses their towers so i was out for a bit.

I made it back to town and home. My dad always said if you fall of a horse you get right back on. Then Wh and I put the snow tires on.

I have terrible defensive driving reflexes. My H was behind the wheel years ago, approaching the Baltimore tunnel on I-95, when a sportscar that was weaving in and out of traffic lost control and spun out in front of us. I would unquestionably have hit the brakes, and we'd have been rear-ended and started a pileup. He did what you did, accelerated and managed to dodge it, despite high speed traffic in both adjacent lanes. To this day, he credits video games for the skills that saved us both.

See that's what I wanted to do. Hit my brakes. But I knew I was already to close and there was to much momentum in play to actually stop and not hit him. It's funny now how I go back and recall "thinking" about the two options but really it happened so fast I dont think there was time to think lol. I reacted. Had I hit the brakes I wouldn't be posting this right now. That much I'm pretty sure of.

I credit my dads intense driving lessons when I had got my learner's permit. He was tough. But it paid off.

thebighurt posted 11/9/2019 16:06 PM

Whew, Dragn! I'm glad your Guardian Angel was there with you. Great reflexes, instincts and skill. Now at least take a pain killer/anti-inflammatory until you get that hot soak or at least a hot shower.

DragnHeart posted 11/9/2019 17:41 PM

I'm going to need a few hot soaks to ease this soreness. I've taken the pain/anti inflammatory meds. Not helping. I move my arm.up or forward and ouch! Today driving back into town the belt across me hurt so much. I feel like theres a spike through the shoulder out my back.

Could be worse so.ill suck it up and take it easy for a few days lol.

Two accidents have closed roads today. One was a fatal collision. The day was clear. Roads dry. Why cant people just slow down and watch what they are doing?

Jeaniegirl posted 11/9/2019 17:53 PM

Girl! I'm short like you are - 4-11. Definitely have that shoulder checked. I was stopped at a red light and saw a 3/4 ton pickup truck coming up behind me - fast. He hit the back of my car, knocking me through the intersection. Hit me so hard that part of the dash fell down. Totaled my car. But the injury I got was from the seat belt on my shoulder. Started hurting immediately. I had to have rotor cuff surgery. So get checked! We short women have problems with seat belts.

Glad you know defensive driving! My Dad taught me that - to always look for an "OUT."

DragnHeart posted 11/9/2019 18:10 PM

Ok I'll go into the walk in clinic and have it checked. It was still hurting three weeks after my fall down the stairs and now this bounce around the van thing plus stopping hard to avoid the ditch hasn't helped at all.

Right now.i can't lift my arm above my head without serious pain.

Putting my hand behind my back to do up a bra, ya not happening so sports bras it is for now, and even that's painful.

WH is still recovering and still has a sore back. I cant really ask him to help carry square bales of hay to the goats. So im one handing them on with my right arm. I expect to build some serious muscle lol. Good thing I stacked them right beside th goat pen lol.

I need to spend some time praying for just some quiet time here. No excitement for a month lol

pureheartkit posted 11/10/2019 00:23 AM

Dragn, I'm thankful you were not in a crash. I just saw one today coming home. A truck hit a little sedan from behind. Could have been my car or anyone's. The glass from the Windows sprayed out like a glittery fountain into the lane as I approached. It seemed like so much glitter, like icy water. I saw the couple in the front. They had shocked faces but looked safe. I hope they are. It happens all the time. I try to use the less traveled roads and hours when the roads are more open.

Happy that you have those cat reflex driving skills. You're an amazing lady.

hopefull77 posted 11/12/2019 07:07 AM

🙏 so thankful you are ok!
Your guardian angel is hugging you ALWAYS! Her wine glass has a top with a straw in it 😊

DragnHeart posted 11/12/2019 08:25 AM

I'm still really sore. My shoulder is a mess. I'm going to see if our family doc can take a look when I take wh back Monday. If not then I'll go to the walk in Friday. I dont want to drive back into town in the dark (by the time wh gets home from work).

The small town up the road had four way/all way stop signs put in. Large signs, big flashing red lights AND still people run it. Many complained that it backed up traffic in the prime cottage times butnfrankly me trying to get from my place across that intersection was hell. I'm glad they made it an all way stop. That said I was nearly creamed by one person who didn't stop.
.a local woman posted on the community page that police gave her $110 fine for not coming to a complete stop. I wish we had extra officers so one could sit there all the time.

People are crazy. Once as I approached the intersection just a bit north of it a porcupine walked out in front of me. speed limit is 50km so I was able to stop. Animal waddled out from the opposite lane and was slow as molasses but I wasnt going to risk hitting it. Car on the other side stopped as well. I guess the traffic behind me didn't see why I had stopped because a truck pulled out, ON THE RIGHT of me drove up into the sidewalk and nearly hit the damn thing.

People are nuts!

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