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Not sure if I need to be here or not

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Scoobydoo posted 5/24/2019 04:02 AM


Have you spoken to his friends? His attitude is unquestionably selfish, but is there any chance he's going through something that he needs space for?

I'm not saying its right, just wondering if it could be work? family? that has him reacting this way.

stay strong

The1stWife posted 5/24/2019 06:35 AM

Based on my experience he’s cheated or cheating.

MIA for long periods of time

Moody and non-communicative after he’s away and missing shoes he was with someone else and is mad he has to come home b/c the “someone else” is more fun and where he wants to be

He offers up stupid excuses when questioned where he was

His friends are questionable

You cannot make the cheater stop cheating. You can only control your reaction or response to the cheating

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