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Pity Party! Come on in. The water's fine!

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WhoTheBleep posted 4/20/2019 17:53 PM

Josiep, no my dad doesn't have a boat. But maybe we can arrange something with a retired FBI agent who lives up your way, who I've been messaging (platonically, he's outside my age range) He has a huge boat.)

So...I think I'll be having my first OLD date this week. He was one of the many messages I received in my first 48hrs online. I finally responded to him, a week later, once I stopped panicking and gathered my wits, and filtered all the "hi" and "hey sexy" messages.

His was very polite and flattering. Aaaand, he asked to speak on the phone right away. This is good, right? Can't stand texting all the time. He has a pleasant and confident voice. (Which I already knew because I did my obligatory sleuthing and, with just his phone number, I found out his life story which includes a bunch of job-related YouTube videos. Thanks, infidelity!!)

So far so good! I'll keep you all posted.

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