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Just Married

Was just married this past wkend. With Covid, we were only allowed to have a max of 5 people. The rest watched via zoom. We moved up our wedding date from July because we were living in different cities and social distancing was hard and difficult to isolate alone. We have had to postpone our honeymoon indefinitely unless we choose to honeymoon here, close by. We are both much happier being together.

We will celebrate with friends and family when the covid restrictions are lifted.

It is indeed a new beginning and I am looking forward to the rest of my life.

20 comments posted: Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

G2G Ottawa, Canada

Is there anyone interested in a G2G in Ottawa, Canada? I will plan one for the Fall if there is enough interest.

6 comments posted: Saturday, July 7th, 2018

A Beautiful Terrible Thing

This book by Jen Waite, has been recommended here before. I just wanted to say it was a very good read and I related on so many levels. It is a true story (memoir) of Jen's experience with a relationship and marriage to a sociopath. It gives insight into what it's like, the thinking and traits of a sociopath, the shocking behaviour. If you are wondering if your WS is a psychopath or sociopath ( interchangeable terms), this will help you figure it out.

0 comment posted: Thursday, January 11th, 2018

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