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Anyone get a tattoo after the A..

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Hurtandinhell posted 1/10/2019 23:57 PM

Thinking of getting a tattoo; something that represents strength, courage...I don't know. That I will come out stronger from this, whatever the outcome may be. A word, a symbol..any suggestions?

WowItsReallyReal posted 1/11/2019 01:03 AM

I'm heavily tattooed. They're so personal, it's hard to suggest something for someone else you don't know really well!
Best I can say is check the internet for inspiration...there's always Pinterest. Or Ink, Tattoo, etc. print mags.

I have gotten several new tattoos in the last 2 years. Each has its own meaning for me... none are particularly divorce related (except me going and having a "matching" anniversary tattoo treated with laser removal. Trying to lighten it enough to cover... it's really dark).

Mostly my new pieces are awesome because exH has never seen them.

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Hurtandinhell posted 1/11/2019 01:48 AM of the reasons I want to do it is that he doesn't like tattoos, thinks women shouldn't have But I have been wanting to get one for a long time, and always liked those with meaning to them.

WowItsReallyReal posted 1/11/2019 02:21 AM

...thinks women shouldn't have them...

Wow. 🙄
Boy, he'd really hate me, then!
I'm fully sleeved on one side & working on the second. I also have them in 8 other places+ permanent make up!! lol

Ok, so...
I've seen people get birds flying from an infinity symbol, or the word "free".

I've toyed with the idea of a heart locket wrapped in a broken chain, surrounded by roses and maybe a ribbon with a key... Or, I am thinking of doing my second sleeve all in Traditional style. If I do decide to do the whole thing that way, I'll be getting an hour glass with the top side empty, and the bottom cracked. It'll also be surrounded by roses. The roses represent my kids & a rosebud will be for me... starting anew. The bud will probably have a couple noticeable thorns & a blood drop.
Those are my ideas, right now, anyway.

Actually, my next tattoo will be another addition to the piece I got done honoring my dog who passed away in Feb. That started pretty small & is now my entire inner forearm (wrist to elbow).

Just be forewarned! Tattoos are addicting.
IMO, in your case, whatever tattoo you get will work as a "divorce tattoo", because just getting it sounds like a big F U to his thoughts on the matter!👏

Just be SURE that YOU really want it, & it's not just to piss him off.
He's irrelevant!
The removal process is long, very painful...and very expensive! Trust me on that one!

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WowItsReallyReal posted 1/11/2019 02:44 AM

Quick search... from simple:
to all out:

Well, that didn't work! Sorry. It's late and adding pics is escaping me right now. 😴

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Pugglebull posted 1/11/2019 07:42 AM

Shortly after my DDay I got a cherry blossom tattoo which has many meanings but to me, mine represents a women’s beauty and fragility of life; women’s power. I have daughters and granddaughters so my tat has flowers and buds representing each of them. I love it. Just recently I got a small lotus flower. The lotus flower hides in mud and muck but rises to the top of the water as a beautiful flower.

Hesaliar posted 1/11/2019 08:05 AM

I got my first one at 51. I got a dagger piercing a heart, a traditional symbol of betrayal. I told him after the fact that I had a visual reminder of what he's done to me. He still hasn't seen it 3 months later. It's on my tummy low enough to not be seen by anyone but me.

sickofsurviving posted 1/11/2019 08:07 AM

I have just about completed a full sleeve on my right arm. My artist knows my story. She is super talented. (She was on ink master) I asked her for something as strong and beautiful as me. It couldn't suit me better. And its amazingly beautiful! It has a ton of Native American symbolism.

Texashunter41 posted 1/11/2019 09:21 AM

I got one after DDay..I had wanted one but just couldn’t put myself to do it..amazing what you’ll do once you let go of caring about anything you once did. I like my tatt a lot..reminds me who I am and always have been..A Wolf with no real mate.

Want2BHappyAgain posted 1/11/2019 09:42 AM

After DDay when talking about his H told me THEY had a lot in common. When I asked what...he could only come up with they were both diabetics...and neither of them had any piercings or tattoos . I looked at my body and we both laughed...because I don’t have piercings or tattoos either!!

I decided shortly after that revelation that I wanted US to get a tattoo. We have always held hands... and I found out he started holding her hand thinking this would make her want to sleep with him...and it he kept it up. I am picturing an infinity type symbol that goes together when WE hold hands...but it looks like a teardrop when our hands are apart. This symbol will only mean something when OUR hands are together. Otherwise it is a symbol of sadness when he holds hands with anyone else. It was great for me to THINK about...but I haven’t gotten the courage yet to do it!! I also now feel I wanted to get one for the wrong reason. That is never a reason to get anything done. Besides...SHE may have gotten a tattoo by now also!!!

Snapdragon posted 1/11/2019 09:42 AM

I got one 2 days after my divorce was final. It is a tiger and represents strength, beauty, and most importantly, independence (they are the independent type unlike lions).

Take your time to decide. When you see the right design, or design it yourself you will know.

The1stWife posted 1/11/2019 11:19 AM

No because the OW was covered in tattoos all over - her neck, her boobs, her arms and legs.

Sorry - just a reminder of his Affair.

Morecomplete posted 1/11/2019 11:38 AM

W2BHA I hope the OWs ratio was a Scarlett letter. 😂 just couldn’t help myself there!!!

I want my husband to get a small tattoo that only I know about. That way there is something about his body that she hasn’t seen.

crazyblindsided posted 1/11/2019 11:53 AM

The Blue Monarch Butterfly

"Butterflies have long been associated with a deep and powerful representation of the soul and spiritual transformation. The blue color is often thought to symbolize healing, whether it be personal healing or the healing of someone close to you. "

Brennan87 posted 1/11/2019 13:10 PM

Sure did! For me they are very personal and expressive. As such, as my life spiraled due to Dday I was forced to face my own trauna’s that I “ignored”. Facing two of the worst was liberating and I knew then I’d always been a survivor.

Thus I have barbed wire “cutting in to the skin” with blood droplets a child’s hand on one side (surviving childhood abuse) and a cracked heart with a band aid on the other. (Affair). This is my reminder of what a survivor I am and I’ll never go back to be “that” man.

Added bonus, which I never considered at the time, WE hates it as it’s anothe constant reminder of her betrayal. Who knew that when I cross my legs in shorts that heart is visible too all.

Ha ha ha

3kids30years posted 1/11/2019 13:39 PM

After DDay I got my first - I'd always wanted one, but thought I was "too old". A friend asked how I was going to get younger? I scheduled the tattoo a week later. It means a lot to me.

When WH and I went thru a really rough patch, he called my artist and got the same tattoo, on the opposite shoulder. He said he wanted it even if we didn't make it. To have "a piece of me".

I've gotten a couple more - working on a watercolor phoenix now. Not red/yellow/orange but blue/purple/pink.

Phoenix rises from the ashes. Stronger, and can't be kept down.

Look at some portfolios, decide what you want. A good artist will steer you in the right direction.

SOS - love ink master, Jealous you got inked by one of the women!!!

DebraVation posted 1/11/2019 13:43 PM

No, but I did think about getting WH one, on his privates. He hates needles and would probably pass out.

bjjmc posted 1/11/2019 13:49 PM

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Phoenix1 posted 1/11/2019 14:52 PM

I did. First one.

one of the reasons I want to do it is that he doesn't like tattoos, thinks women shouldn't have them.

Yep. That ^^^ is my ex, too. Ironically, though, all three of my kids have many, and my youngest DD just got a good chunk of her full sleeve done recently. Xhole would have a hissy fit if he knew!

After my DS passed, my DDs and I all got matching tats to commemorate DS. Nothing large. On our ankles. DDs are black ink and mine is white. Looking to have it touched up with UV, and add another small one on other ankle. I really like mine.

freetogonow posted 1/11/2019 15:21 PM

I have WH’s NAME on me 😒. Next to a little bear.

I plan to have a cover up done. I’d like to get a bird.

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