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SI Withdrawal

Lalagirl posted 10/2/2018 11:59 AM

Site was down for awhile and I waz sad and anxious

latebloomer45 posted 10/2/2018 12:04 PM

Me too! I literally just renewed my premium membership THIS MORNING.....

[This message edited by latebloomer45 at 12:05 PM, October 2nd (Tuesday)]

SisterMilkshake posted 10/2/2018 12:46 PM

I always think I am banned when that happens.

Lalagirl posted 10/2/2018 13:15 PM

I always think I am banned when that happens.

PlanC posted 10/2/2018 14:12 PM

I figured I was banned, too! Made me certainly appreciate MH even more.

traicionada posted 10/2/2018 20:36 PM

Ha! I was at worked and almost asked my IT minions to look into it

WhoTheBleep posted 10/2/2018 20:43 PM

I always think I am banned when that happens.

Hahahaaaa! Me too! I was quickly mentally scanning my recent posts trying to figure out who I offended.

Once, the site went down right after I laid into a OW still actively in her affair. I was very, um, assertive in my disapproval. It was in General, so I thought I was good. I even reported her (and myself) to staff. I received a response that staff would investigate. Then the site went down for hours. I had a physical reaction. I was crushed. I thought I was banned. I didn't even eceive a warning, or a message. I just was cut off. I was sad and depressed for hours. Later that night I was able to log in.

I can't describe my relief. Yeah, I like this place. I do.

Greeneyesbluezy posted 10/2/2018 21:28 PM

Lol it was down for me for the morning!! I checked back later and it wanted me to log in but then wouldnít let me in anyway.

Yup, banned. Dammit. What did i do?

Ohhhhh, ok back love, Iím in, thank God, Iím not banned lol.

Crazy shit feelings.

latebloomer45 posted 10/3/2018 04:36 AM

Apparently we all have a prohibitive conscience. Which my sister calls "being raised Catholic". (But pretty sure other religions make good use of guilt as well). We assume the worst and involve ourselves in unknown situations....

Thank you MH!

little turtle posted 10/3/2018 09:20 AM

I didn't think I was banned cuz I'm confident in the moderation team to inform me if I break the rules. However, I did panic as to how I am going to follow all of the stories I follow. I need to know what's going on!!! And what am I going to read all day without the site?? I did consider that maybe MH decided to stop running the site. No idea what I'll do if that happens.

So glad it was only down for a short time.

thatbpguy posted 10/3/2018 16:52 PM

It allowed me to get some work done...

hopefulkate posted 10/3/2018 21:58 PM

Ummmm so if you saw my post and then the site went down..yeah...totally thought I was banned. So happy to see I wasnít! (Even if I canít always come here. Dang I love you peeps!!!!!)

Lalagirl posted 10/4/2018 08:51 AM

It allowed me to get some work done...
yeah, me too - work I didn't feel like doing

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