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The Simplified 180

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minusone posted 2/3/2017 06:53 AM

SerJR posted 2/4/2017 19:14 PM

Bump for loveable

Thinkingtoomuch posted 2/5/2017 08:49 AM

It's been 6 years since my ordeal, obviously I still come here every so many months to support what I've been thru and survived in life (of course I did read SI religiously every day then for quite a long time).

I printed those babies out --the full 180-- my first week back then and read them before I went to sleep. Hah! They were my bible.

Altho "we" ( older couple and engaged 7+ yrs. and cohabitated) split for good, pretty much right away (he really didn't want to do the work), I was devastated at the time, and could not have done it without the 180 and SI.

It helped keep my dignity and integrity.

And, just yesterday, 6 yrs. later, another lightbulb moment--another item-- the X actually was involved a full 2 yrs. prior to Dday. I remembered another incident where I couldn't reach him, came to mind, an incident I had dismissed. Haven't had a lightbulb moment for a long time....

I do not think of X or that past life often, but the mind does what the mind does to process such sneaky things. And I do still live in the same home and town, so there are still memories at hand.

The 2-5 yr. timeframe is true. It affects so much of our life at the time. A type of PTSD.

But, the 180 (and the Tactical Primer and NC)works!

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minusone posted 2/7/2017 13:18 PM


annb posted 2/8/2017 08:20 AM


minusone posted 2/9/2017 19:23 PM


minusone posted 2/18/2017 07:44 AM


UKgirl posted 2/24/2017 07:13 AM


MadOldBat posted 2/27/2017 04:21 AM


MadOldBat posted 3/1/2017 03:22 AM

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Stay strong everyone, and be true to you.

minusone posted 3/11/2017 07:26 AM


minusone posted 3/24/2017 06:17 AM


Heart posted 3/25/2017 19:20 PM

Thank you for sharing these great steps.

minusone posted 4/3/2017 06:27 AM


sisoon posted 4/12/2017 11:34 AM


minusone posted 4/23/2017 07:35 AM


Brookeeg1 posted 4/25/2017 15:23 PM

Just bumping this back to the front

minusone posted 5/2/2017 06:52 AM


janewilliams posted 5/2/2017 07:43 AM

No soliciting.

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minusone posted 5/25/2017 06:05 AM


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