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Religious & Political threads

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KSA2 posted 9/4/2007 10:37 AM

This is a privately owned support forum for infidelity. The rules regarding this subject are simple: No religious debate or political discussion/debate.

You can discuss how your religion has helped you through this mess, with like-minded individuals.

You *cannot* argue, debate, proselytize, and criticize any religion whatsoever - that is not the purpose of these forums.

We do not hunt down any member on the web and bind them to this forum, giving them no option of leaving or posting elsewhere. The members come to us and request to participate by registering.

When you applied for membership to these forums by registering, you voluntarily entered into an informal contract with the administration of this forum. You agreed to abide by the rules in return for the use of the forums. Should you, after the fact, decide to violate those rules, we will enforce our options under that contract and escort you off the site if we deem it necessary to the safety and peaceful running of these forums.

So, the question now is this: Do you want to utilize the site under the rules of the owners/administrators, or do you want to leave the site and post elsewhere or go start your own where you can make all the Hitler/Nazi references you want to your heart's content?

It really is fairly simple. And it's completely your choice.

Mr. Right posted 9/4/2007 17:02 PM


It's obvious to me that you have some serious issues and if the great minds behind this website cannot allow some spiritual discussion or even a little spirited debate, then you have put together something that will never be effective in the long run. I've noticed that some of your constituents have thousands of posts, which leads me to believe they are unable to emotionally move upward or onward. The moderator before you explained things to me in a very respectful manner and even sent me a personal message with hopes of clarifying things, but you came on here sounding like a real big-shot and Class A a$$hole.

In any event, political correctness is for cowards, mental midgets and spiritual dwarfs. If I want something that is watered down and lacks substance, I'll stop by in the future, or write you a private message. But, until then...you have a clean-up on aisle 3.

[This message edited by Mr. Right at 5:04 PM, September 4th (Tuesday)]

KSA2 posted 9/4/2007 17:08 PM

I'll stop by in the future, or write you a private message.

No.....you won't.

kdny posted 9/4/2007 17:10 PM

Buh bye........

[This message edited by kdny at 5:13 PM, September 4th (Tuesday)]

HippyGirl posted 9/4/2007 17:11 PM

Awwwwwwww, I just popped some popcorn and pulled up a comfy chair...ready to watch the fireworks.

drowninginsorrow posted 9/4/2007 17:11 PM

i was the nice mod earlier...

that was the last straw in a short history of disrespectful inflammatory posts...

FLAMING & ATTACKING: Please refrain from attacking another member, publicly or by using the SI.com Private Message feature

GENERAL STATEMENTS: Please refrain from making statements that generalize gender, WS/OP/BS, race, religion or political alignment

and of course there is the issue of religion we addressed earlier...

4 out of five of your posts are against rather simple and specific guidelines

buh bye

tputer posted 9/4/2007 17:13 PM

Wow! No way that guy was for real. Mods, you allude to the fact that we regular posters' don't see a fraction of the crap you have to deal with.

I'm a believer.

(((Hugs))) to our wonderful mods, so sorry you guys have to be subjected to such absolute and utter garbage. indeed.

[This message edited by tputer at 5:14 PM, September 4th (Tuesday)]

KSA2 posted 9/4/2007 17:22 PM

Oh, he was actually a calm one, tputer.

Honestly, I wish people would understand that this guideline has fuck-all to do with being politically correct, and everything to do with the fact that there are very few moderators here and these subjects have nothing to do with this board and would in the long run take over the board and take up every last second of our time.

There is no such thing as a civil extended political or religious debate. The subjects do not lend themselves to civility, but to high tempers and emotions.

There are boards out there just for that activity. This isn't one of them. It's really that simple.

porcupine posted 9/4/2007 17:24 PM

Wow. Some people are so full of themselves the shit is just pouring out at the seams.

Mods, you are amazing for putting up with such ludicrous and ignorant crap on a daily basis.

I just wish I had a mod button to shut those people up in real life too

Defiance posted 9/4/2007 17:52 PM

Do you think that perhaps his username indicates how he feels about himself?

That was a mercifully short membership here.

Thank you, mods. We owe you.


unabletocope posted 9/4/2007 18:22 PM

Thank you, mods! You are all the best!

cantlivewithouth posted 9/4/2007 18:34 PM

What I want to know is was that the record for the shortest membership?????

Mods you guys rock!!!!! If I had to put up with a fraction of what you do everyday and still work and have a life I'd go insane! I think I better write my second donation check tonight!

runoverbytruck posted 9/4/2007 18:36 PM

No.....you won't.

usedup posted 9/4/2007 18:40 PM

ok I found it
you rock
and I have to echo puter
ya all know my beliefs and I don't see much on here,but whatever ya'all take to keep this going,I applaude you for it,I'd have told him to my irish hillbilly unpolitically correct arse
but you did a much better job with just a couple words

not_a_martyr posted 9/4/2007 20:12 PM

I'd never go so far as to generalize, but there's a reason I have *issues* with religious folks like Mr. Right. He's a shining example, isn't he?

[This message edited by not_a_martyr at 8:19 PM, September 4th (Tuesday)]

still confounded posted 9/4/2007 21:36 PM

Oh, man. You guys are so patient.
You make me feel so grateful for your long-suffering wisdom.
I'm sending you another check.
It is the LEAST I can do to thank you for clearing the deck of that upchuck that dude kept heaving all over the place.

LetDownMan posted 12/21/2007 02:44 AM

Interesting that such a thread has encouraged so many posts.

I am a non believer, but still have the motto "LIVE AND LET LIVE". This of course only applies to BSs.

I wish you all as happy a christmas as is possible. (obviously only those who believe in it!!!!!)

snowflake posted 1/1/2008 20:44 PM

Wow I just read that whole thing. What an education.

We all know that it is possible to speak of religious ideas w/o offending. It is a matter of perspective. I have strong beliefs, but don't ever think I have an excuse to call names.

Anyway, what I see is that sometimes people of like faith want to see how those who believe the same as they believe dealt with certain situations. The advice is then given in the framework of like morals and standards.

Anyway, had a great time reading all this.

Deeply Scared posted 2/25/2008 15:10 PM

Posting this in here...this was originally announced on February 22nd, 2008.

We are implementing a Zero Tolerance policy regarding *any* political mention.

This means:

No Names
No Jokes
No Polls
No Debate Questions (whether infidelity related or not)

Zero. Nada. Zilch. No mention of politics or of political candidates at all.

We do not have time to Moderate politics on an Infidelity site. There are thousands of political message boards, we encourage you all to go there if the spirit moves you to want to discuss politics.

Breaking the Zero Tolerance rule = losing your Profile.

hatinlyfe posted 3/8/2008 15:35 PM

I really like this feature here, it's nice that we can remain focused on the issues that are bad enough which we can relate to rather then having to deal with issues that separate us. I'm glad to see this as a new memer

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