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Married a truly wonderful and loving man Sept. 19, 2010. Not only survived, but thrived. My new mantra: Argue Your Limitations.‎

Popping in to say hi

It's been awhile. Just thought I'd say hi!

I started a new job in September. I love it! I'm now working in group homes. It's shift work and I'm part time call in. It is the first job I have ever had where I clock in, do my shift, and clock out. Nothing to do at home. SerJr loves that fact.

SerJrJr is almost 12!!!!! He is awesome. Our thing is hanging out at comic cons and going to movies together. He has gotten into cosplaying and I am getting better at making his costumes. The best so far has been his Dark Helmet cosplay.

SerJr and I coming up on our 7 year anniversary. I can't believe it's been almost 7 years. It has gone ny so fast!

Things are moving along and I am beyond happy and so much less stressed.

So how have you all been?

15 comments posted: Sunday, January 8th, 2017

SerJr's dress pics

I just want you all to know that I haven't been on my photobucket account for a long time. I went to upload these pics and the last ones I uploaded were of him in a dress. BTW...Our crazy coonhound River is now quiet after seeing him in a dress.

Here they are!!!!!

81 comments posted: Saturday, January 7th, 2017

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