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Stupid Picture Friday 5/17/24

Topic is Sleeping.

 Too_Trusting (original poster member #99) posted at 7:36 AM on Friday, May 17th, 2024

I won't be able to do SPF today. I started this week with hopes of changing out the flooring in my entire house. Once the carpet was removed, LOTS of dips/unlevel spots were found in my concrete slab/subfloor. crying crying crying

From there, I descended into a land of chaos and disappointment. Essentially, since this is in every room in my house, I basically have to move ALL of my furniture out of my house so the concrete can be leveled. And, the movers are coming at 9:30 AM to move my furniture to an off-site storage facility. The concrete contractor is coming thereafter to look at my project and (God help me), give me an estimate. He will begin the levelling and grinding on Saturday AM to get my slab level and suitable for my flooring.

In short, this has turned into a massive cluster-f*ck that seems like the only way to fix it will be to pour lots of $$ into it. mad


I have to take my tiny dogs and move into a hotel for Saturday, but I may be able to post soooooooome SPF on Sunday. Let's call it Stupid Picture Sunday for this week.

Please pray for me..... laugh You can't make this sh!t up!

[This message edited by Too_Trusting at 7:38 AM, Friday, May 17th]

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PinkJeepLady ( member #37575) posted at 3:37 PM on Friday, May 17th, 2024

I am so sorry to hear about all the problems with your floor! Hoping it gets fixed as quickly as possible. How stressful for you!

I want you to know that I greatly appreciate all your efforts on bringing us the funniest jokes each Friday. I look forward to them each week! I like to pass them on to my kids and grandkids each week.

Thank you so much! Wishing you the best outcome with your home, please take care!

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BearlyBreathing ( member #55075) posted at 4:29 PM on Friday, May 17th, 2024

My goodness house projects can so easily go sideways. What a hassle.
Hope it all gets straightened (or flattened) out quickly.

Thanks for all the many weeks of SPF!

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SadieMae ( member #42986) posted at 6:19 PM on Friday, May 17th, 2024

Oh no! I hate when that happens. I usually find myself repeating, "It was such a simple plan" over and over! laugh

I hope all goes well and it isn't too expensive. And I'm sure the new flooring will look fabulous once the project is completed!

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sisoon ( Moderator #31240) posted at 8:37 PM on Friday, May 17th, 2024

Mojo on way.

Once the work is done. You'll be proud. You'll know - you'll KNOW - just how perfect your floors are. It won't be visible. No one will care. It's money that you won't get back. But you'll walk on your floors ad say to yourself, 'Wow. Straight, square, and smooth.'

I hope the work goes well, without any more negative surprises. Maybe you'll find a great work of art underneath your current floor....

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 Too_Trusting (original poster member #99) posted at 9:22 PM on Saturday, May 18th, 2024

Thanks, everyone. Me & my little dogs are at a hotel. Apparently, my floors were a HOT MESS. The cost to level IS expensive, but from my research, a decent price given the s.f. to fix.

"It was such a simple plan"

Yes, Sadie Mae...I thought it was. Little did I know the can of worms I was opening. I feel like I'm on the Titanic, and I can make more room on the raft if I just POUR MONEY on it. crying crying crying

And, after this project is done, I have the rare privilege of replacing ALL of the duct work in my attic. Good times...NOT

I HOPE this will all be worth it. I know the floors will be beautiful, but no one will know but me that I had to put soooooooo much extra $$ into getting them done. And, you'd better believe I'm going to sit in my A/C and suck in all of that clean air. laugh

I swear, if one more thing needs fixing in this house, I'm gonna sell it! mad

"Anyone perfect must be lying; anything easy has its cost. Anyone plain can be lovely; anyone loved can be lost." Barenaked Ladies

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Topic is Sleeping.
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