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 WhoTheBleep (original poster member #49504) posted at 11:44 PM on Monday, October 18th, 2021

Dang it. I had a long reply typed, and accidentally hit the back button and it completely disappeared.

Thank you for asking, Curious. No updates. Just waiting on the next court date which is in a few weeks. I'm trying to manage my anxiety and to keep my head above water financially.

I'm tired, and somewhat depressed. I find myself not wanting to socialize with friends. I see families and happy couples everywhere. I feel isolated and alone. I keep imagining my judge can't stand me and has already decided against me. I feel sick all the time. I'm lonely, but I make no effort to fix it.

So yeah, not doing great over here. I need the pressure of this to be in the past.

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barcher144 ( member #54935) posted at 1:52 PM on Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Hey Bleep, I'm sorry that you are struggling.

Given the parallels of our stories, I can tell you that it gets better... although I can also tell you that it also really, truly, deeply sucks the sweat off of a dead man's balls (paraphrasing a line from a movie).

I'll also suggest that it's very likely that you will do just fine with your ruling, once you get there. My GF likes to read appellate court rulings (because my case is soon to be there) and it seems that the overwhelming majority of appeals are by men who make more money than their ex-wives... who received unfavorable rulings from the judge... meaning, they were forced to pay their wives far too much.

I wish that I could help more than just offering the virtual hug... smile

p.s. The appellate ruling that I read last night was comical. The judge seemingly had some sort of personal vendetta against the guy. He was forced to pay some sort of ridiculous amount of money to his ex-wife in alimony. For reasons that I don't understand, there was a "round 2" in court in which the judge ruled that the guy's income was $500 per month higher than the original ruling... and so he ruled that the guy should pay his ex-wife an additional $1000 per month in alimony. I have a hunch the guy was a complete jack-ass and pissed off the judge. Just like your STBX.

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