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I Did It!

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DragnHeart posted 5/8/2021 07:45 AM

Threatening to take your car keys, turning off service to your phone. If this was me I'd be in jail cause I'd whip his ass.

Get a new phone.

Hide your damn keys!

Tell someone IRL close to you. Anyone. Shit call the damn cops and tell them you are fearful of him. Because you SHOULD BE!!!

What's next? Locking you in the house?

I always check your threads, worried that one day you'll stop posting because he's done something to you. That's a genuine concern.

Please kick him out.

outofsorts posted 5/8/2021 21:20 PM

So fuck him for saying im abusive!!! Damnit i try so hard and am constantly put down!!!

Yes, fuck him 100%. This is also a game you re never going to win. You only "win" when you quit playing or stop caring.

I know this sucks so much...


CallingSpades posted 5/9/2021 06:16 AM

Wow, you have sole custody? Did he not want time with his kids?? What a blessing that you will have them safe and sound, but also, why is this man child even still around?

Document these instances of abuse. Your journal entries are admissable if written close to the time the abuse occurred (in my state at least). In case he ever tried to take custody you will need this.

So proud of you for standing up for yourself and kids. Good luck with the proceedings and wishing you a massive child + spousal support agreement. You've more than earned it.

Gottagetthrough posted 5/9/2021 08:47 AM

I wanted to assure everyone that WH will not ever do anything to physically hurt me, but I do go off the boards sometimes (you know, life just gets in the way and I wont post for 6 months…) So PLEASE never think something is wrong if I am not posting.

Literally, I am driving my kids somewhere, at a kid sports game, doing arts and crafts with the baby, or hiking or kayaking with the kids. Or at the lake. Lol. WH takes up verry little of my real time and my of my posts about him are blowing off steam, however i dont interact with him much. I just try to ignore. There are days we dont speak at all.

And yes, he gave me sole custody in 2011 after his first manic break. He signed a notarized document later that year affirming that July 2011 doc. And he gave me sole custody of baby 3 in 2020, again affirming I have sole custody of the older kids in that 2020 doc.

He doesnt care about the kids, or anyone for that matter. He has significant mental health problems. Arm chair diagnosis, hes a narcissist along with other issues (bipolar 1, GAD, ADHD, etc)

nekonamida posted 5/9/2021 19:20 PM

Lol, no, none of my neighbors talk to the mean ones next to us, we all gossip about them. (Which is the only thing that makes me feel better when they are turds is knowing that the other neighbors notice their bad behavior too). But seriously i dont care if they are bothered by him making a scene. I guess
Im just scared I will be the topic of cul de sac gossip next.

Will you be though? What heartless people would say negative things about you for being the victim in this situation? What they're going to be talking about won't be you. It will be about HIM and the scene HE made. I'm sure they have plenty of stories about awful encounters with him to share and gratitude about how you kicked him to the curb. If you know and like these people, it's not likely that you will be the target of any shaming.

I'm thinking that once it happens, it won't be nearly as bad as you think it is. You may not even have to be at the house during it. XWH can humiliate himself by being escorted out by the police.

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