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Cooley2here posted 1/3/2021 10:42 AM

Since I work in the ďbroken personĒ field I can assure you that some people never ask for forgiveness because they donít care. Study sociopathy or malignant narcissism and you will find that they were born that way, or made that way. Expending one minute of your time trying to find forgiveness is a minute you canít get back. Moving on, finding indifference, is what gives you closure. We are a revengeful species so we have laws to stop us. So far they arenít working very well.

For your new year I wish you peace of mind and no looking in your review mirror.

gmc94 posted 1/3/2021 13:48 PM

I really liked a book on forgiveness called "How can I forgive you" by Janis Spring (she also wrote "After the Affair", which I did NOT like at all). I found it really helpful in how I think about forgiveness.

Throwaway999 posted 1/3/2021 16:25 PM

When my WH passed, I thought I had forgiven him. And I did truly for a couple of weeks but then his lies came out. More affairs and I quickly learned everything he had told me before he died was still lies...now I am nowhere near forgiving him. I did however forgive myself. I discovered that I truly played no part in his actions and that was a huge hurtle for me to cross.

He didnít atone. He was never truthful and frankly doesnít deserve my forgiveness...I am not ready yet and may never be ready. But forgiving myself was a blessing.

[This message edited by Throwaway999 at 5:16 AM, January 5th, 2021 (Tuesday)]

jb3199 posted 1/5/2021 05:10 AM

I do believe the definition of forgiveness does vary from person to person. The one point that always comes to my mind is that it is often stated that forgiveness is for oneself. If that is the case, how come so many people who have transgressed beg for forgiveness? I'll assume that their definition may be different.

As to me forgiving my wife? I don't believe that it will ever happen. I do believe that she is a great candidate for forgiveness, and I would bet that many members here who were in my position would do so. Personally, I believe that my lack of forgiveness is my issue alone. I don't want to forgive. I am not a punitive person, and I don't hold anything over my wife's head, but if forgiveness is a personal choice, and I choose not to forgive, who is to say that I am wrong.....besides myself?

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