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Lionne posted 11/11/2020 19:28 PM

Here we go again...getting old sucks.
I'm 66
BP runs 100/60
Hypothyroidism but well controlled
5' 110 lbs.
Heart rate 98-105, 85ish when I wake up but runs around 100 all day
I drink very little coffee, none of my meds appear to have this side effect.
I exercise 5-6 days a week, 3-4 cardio. My heart goes to around 120 and drops back fast
Cardiologist is a bit concerned wants me to experiment with my meds that I can skip, like the flexiril I use for sleep and chronic pain.
My cholesterol is low normal, total, hdl is high, ldl low, ratio excellent. She ordered a coronary calcium test which indicated NO arteriosclerosis.

Any ideas dear SI friends? How worried should I be?

number4 posted 11/11/2020 22:05 PM

Any chance you are running dehydrated? That can do it.

Also, I realized after stopping it, that one of the anti-depressants I was on caused an elevated heart rate for me (not saying this is true for everyone). I had actually been put on Bystolic (for lowering a HR), but when I came off of this AD, all of a sudden my HR dropped - it had been running in the low 90s, resting. Once I completely got off the AD, it went down to the low 60s, so my doc took me off the Bystolic. Now resting HR runs low to mid 70s, sometimes as low as upper 60s. But I know being dehydrated can cause an elevated HR.

I think as we get older, we can become more sensitive to caffeine, so even if you're drinking very little coffee, could the caffeine be acting as a diuretic, and you need to drink more non-caffeinated liquids?

Lionne posted 11/11/2020 22:47 PM

Thanks. I'm going to try a few things and keep a log.
I drink about 4 oz of coffee in the morning, partly as a way to get the added fiber that only dissolves well in hot water. That small amount also helps hold off my usual migraine.

I've been carrying a water bottle long before it became a thing. I drink at least 48 oz a day. Dehydration exacerbates migraines so I am careful to rink.

But thanks!

tushnurse posted 11/12/2020 07:25 AM

Honestly Lionne - some of us just run faster than others. If you are otherwise healthy and don't have blood pressure, or other issues, there isn't a reason to worry about a faster than normal heart rate. How do I know?
Because I have always, when I say always I mean since I was a kid had a faster heart rate than everyone else. Yes I'm too heavy right now, and not exercising, but even when I was doing cardio daily, and running miles a day my resting heart rate rarely dropped below 80 even while sleeping.

Unless it is causing you issues, what is the concern by the cardiologist?

I was told that it's just me.

Lionne posted 11/12/2020 07:55 AM

That's pretty much how I was rolling with this before. I believe she's just very thorough.
I am going to watch it for a bit without getting crazy. My nurse son suggested that just possibly I'm getting a rebound effect from one of my meds, so I can, and will stop taking it for a bit.
I just want to make sure the rapid heart rate isn't going to progress to a more serious condition.
Yep. 92 before getting up this morning.

tushnurse posted 11/12/2020 08:04 AM

Yah I'm the same exact way and have always been. Even when I was my most fit with a an extremely active job and running 3miles a day, my am HR was often 85-90.
Got a fitbit a couple years ago, and same. Sleeping HR was usually in the 80, but as soon as I was awake 100.

Once you prove it's not a med thing, then it's just something to keep an eye on. I would also suggest that if they haven't already get your thyroid levels checked. Since you are already under tx I'm guess that's been done, but if not, just make sure you are therapeutic, and not overdoing it.

sisoon posted 11/13/2020 12:22 PM

Hmmm ... what got me to OK a pacemaker were periods of 200+ heart rates even while I was doing nothing special and periods of sub-40 rates during sleep. The pacer keeps me at 60 (except for skipped beats) and toprol (another beta blocker) governs HR, although that's still be titrated (I think that's the term).

That's my experience, which makes me wonder where your tachycardia is - but I'm not a medical pro.

Countingsheep65 posted 11/15/2020 21:50 PM

Hopefully you donít have a bleed of some sort going on, low BP and increased HR ( heart rate) could indicate that, unless this has been going on for awhile, but if itís new it should be looked at. Hopefully they have checked your blood work . And dehydration is a biggie.

Lionne posted 11/16/2020 18:22 PM

Nah, my blood pressure has always been very low, so nothing has changed there. The heart rate is a bit higher but it's always been highish. Thyroid is exactly where it should be.

I've been monitoring a bit more. It never gets below 80 even during sleep and is more likely around 90. After 2 miles of hard walking I was at 125, after 5 minutes 107, after 15 minutes 92.

I've eliminated flexeril, which I took for sleep, the occasional decongestant.

I am a bit over my usual weight, about 5 lbs. Don't know if that's a factor. And my migraines are bad, everyday, range of 3-7 pain and while I went to sleep without pain, I woke several times with a headache/neckache which I treated with topical meds.

I think my heart is pretty good, I suspect the pain is not helping the rate. I'll explore another way to get them under control.

I really appreciate all the suggestions.

redstick posted 11/25/2020 08:40 AM

Mine got bad enough that they finally did a ventricular tachycardia ablation.

Lionne posted 11/25/2020 11:47 AM

At what point was it "bad?" I'm holding at ~100bmp at rest, not much increase with strenuous activity.

ZenMumWalking posted 11/25/2020 11:59 AM

Some docs just worry about ANY presentation that isn't 'by the book'. But we're not all 'by the book' and that doesn't mean 'abnormal'. As tn says, make sure to rule out anything dangerous, then let it ride.

I hope it's really nothing to worry about.


tushnurse posted 11/26/2020 08:45 AM

I would be remiss if I didn't say follow up with your dr, however while 100 is above normal its not something to panic over. Now if it was making you short of breath then thT would be an issue. Or if it were causing other issues then be concerned.

Lionne posted 11/26/2020 08:52 AM

Thanks sweetie! I wasn't panicking, then panicking now not. I'm due for an echocardiogram on Friday, if it's normal, I'll forget about it. I do think eliminating sleep medications has helped, zero coffee, not that i ever drink more than 2-3 oz. I just must be very sensitive to it.
The cardiologist said I can take the triptans, which is why I had to see her in the first place.
Happy Turkey day, everyone.

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