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Regional foodies, what do you miss?

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sewardak posted 10/8/2019 19:31 PM

I did not like IMOíS pizza. I donít know why. Is the pizza sauce and cheese mixed together in some sort of cream?
No time for ravioli darn!! Downtown St. Louis very nice 👍 and clean!

Lionne posted 10/8/2019 20:52 PM

I'm in Jersey, suburb of Philly. And no, we don't eat Pork roll here in the south, the garden part.

but they could deliver a Tastykake out there by covered wagon and it would still be the same consistency when it finally arrived.

This is true ***now***. But REAL tastykakes, tandytakes, butterscotch krimpets, etc. stopped being made years ago. They removed the transfat and OMG that transfat must be awfully tasty. The crap they are now is awful.

I love soft pretzels but don't indulge.

One of my kids lives in Dallas. He immediately heads to the neighborhood pizza place for a real cheesesteak, and yes Amoroso rolls are best. My other kid traveled across the US from Nov to Sept and craved real pizza, super thin crust, stringy cheese, slightly tart sauce. I think he ate one a day for awhile once he got home.

Dallas BBQ is amazing. But what they list as vegetables is crazy. I think I saw green beans on one menu once, but they were DEEP FRIED!

I would seriously miss Jersey farm markets, fresh corn, Jersey tomatoes-best anywhere, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, apples. I'm sure such things are grown elsewhere but I'm convinced ours are best. Except maybe Georgia peaches.

sad12008 posted 11/11/2019 21:24 PM

Coffee frappes. Fried haddock. Soft serve with chocolate jimmies. A proper lobster roll on a New England-style bun. Allen's Coffee Brandy.

maise posted 11/13/2019 13:56 PM

This post made me want that pizza that, TrustedHer put a picture up of!!!!

Dagnabit! My extra depression fluff canít take it!!

BraveSirRobin posted 11/14/2019 23:21 PM

A proper lobster roll on a New England-style bun.
Yes! Trader Joe's is the only place I've found around here that sells a proper split-top bun.

KatyaCA posted 12/4/2019 13:32 PM

I miss fresh midwest corn on the cob. It is not the same here in the PNW.

I also miss great mexican food like I could get in So. Cal.

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