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Premium Access

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UKgirl posted 9/27/2012 08:23 AM

Is there any way I can pay for my membership annually? I normally send a donation through a CC and paypal, but I donít want a direct debit on the account or to pay monthly. Would this option mess things up for you?

Deeply Scared posted 9/27/2012 09:23 AM


Currently to upgrade your account its through using your CC by the means it's set up on the site

Lost and Betraye posted 9/27/2012 15:21 PM

When I click on the Platinum drop down, it says it does not recognize my user name, which was prefilled when I followed the link??

MangledHeart posted 9/27/2012 18:03 PM

When I click on the Platinum drop down, it says it does not recognize my user name

Please try it again. It should work now.

Angelstar5 posted 9/27/2012 21:37 PM

i cant sift thru all the posts here lol but i need help. I paid for the membership but how do i search archives? please help! thanks

Deeply Scared posted 9/27/2012 21:56 PM


Your account was upgraded so all you need to do is go out to the main forum page and click on the link in the red banner.

Deeply Scared posted 10/1/2012 11:53 AM

Just an update...

Our CC processor has updated our account so all transactions will appear as SI Online on your cc bill.

I just tested it and checked my pending cc charge on line and it does show up at SI Online.


averysadindian posted 10/2/2012 12:00 PM


I just became a Platinum member..thank you for offering this opportunity...

How can I access the previous records of my entries on the forums.


Deeply Scared posted 10/2/2012 13:12 PM

How can I access the previous records of my entries on the forums.

Click on the red banner link on the main forum page, go into your Profile and then click on View Older Posts

FrozenTear posted 10/9/2012 12:58 PM

Not a bad idea at all. I will have to wait until the new year due to several expenses coming up. Heck even an extra dollar being spent is not really accessible right now.

Nice upgrades offers though! :)

spincycle posted 10/14/2012 10:33 AM

DS and MH,

I'm happy to contribute, this place is worth a years worth of counselor co-pays =)

So I can go back to 04? That's wild. Part of me is curious, the open part doesn't want to be back there. Looking forward to going platinum.

EDIT: I see now it says posts from 08. No problem.

[This message edited by spincycle at 10:38 AM, October 14th (Sunday)]

Deeply Scared posted 10/14/2012 10:39 AM


Holy hell...it's so good to see you!!!

The posts go back to 2008, you may see some from further back under your Premium upgrade...but it's no guaranteed

spincycle posted 10/14/2012 10:43 AM

Hey DS, long time! Hope you both are well. Mine are not showing, but that's ok. 1500 posts would be way to much for me to sift through. I like the changes to the site, Glad to see some healing on some people from back in the day, some are even mods now!

Edit again: my bad, I didn't know what simplicity was. I see the old ones, man, these go WAY back.

[This message edited by spincycle at 10:46 AM, October 14th, 2012 (Sunday)]

Deeply Scared posted 10/14/2012 11:15 AM

MH and I are doing well...thank you

I'm glad you like the changes...it's always nice when our old members come back and see some of the upgrades we've done

Really good to see you!!

Today's a big day in Houston...hopefully 6-0 for the Texans!!

spincycle posted 10/14/2012 13:30 PM

Girl, I'm crossing every limb!
I've become a fanatical Texans fan. Never paid attention to football until a few years ago, it's become a nice hobby and distraction. Great to hear you both are doing well, really great to hear!
I will say these next two games have me nervous, GB was 15-1 last year.

Deeply Scared posted 10/14/2012 15:06 PM

When I went to Kroger this morning...EVERYONE was wearing Texan jersey's, hats, t-shirts...lol!! I love it!!

If you're ever up here in The Woodlands...let me know and MH and I will treat you to a beer

spincycle posted 10/17/2012 14:28 PM


thanks for the invite, I'm up in the woodlands quite often. My parents and brother live there.

Yeah, jerseys are sold out all over. But wow, was that a painful game to watch. The Falcons have me really nervous.

Sissi12 posted 10/17/2012 16:16 PM

This is a great idea. Thank you for the work.

momto7 posted 10/28/2012 18:29 PM

Sounds good..but i'm kind of on the broke side right now. Soon though

Newchapter posted 11/12/2012 09:00 AM

MangledHeart or DeeplyScared, can you please PM me I have no way of PMing you and can not discuss here my question about premium access. Thanks!

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