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2 year thank you

TurnedTurtle posted 8/5/2020 04:43 AM

Today marks two years since I confronted my wife about her relationship with the other man.

We have come a long, long way since then, and I now don't spend any time here on SI, but I did want to pop in and say Thank You, you all helped me get through some pretty tough and very dark times.

Stevesn posted 8/5/2020 05:38 AM

Good to hear from you. Iíve thought about what happened to you every so often and hoped you had found happiness.

Can you tell us if your W is still working with her mentor crush and how that is going? Have you inserted yourself into that world so you are a large presence when it comes to her relationship with him and the others there?

And how is it going between you and your W. Have you been able to become more intimate with each other or is she still keeping you at arms length when it comes to physical contact and making love?

Iím hoping you can find a path to happiness, whether that is with her or without her.

Oldwounds posted 8/5/2020 11:07 AM

Good update TT, I hope the healing continues!

fareast posted 8/6/2020 07:42 AM

Thanks for the update TT. Great to see you are in a better place. Per angusta ad augusta.

Ladybugmaam posted 8/7/2020 15:50 PM

Thank you for posting this. I'm 17 months out. Things have come a very long way. I'm grateful for the changes, but also hate that they had to come about in this way. I often wish I could grab some grandmother in the street and ask her how she coped and thrived through infidelity....cause I KNOW it happens far more often than people will talk about. I also yearn to see more happily long marrieds. It seems like divorce is all around me in my parents and friends and the OW/OBS. Would love to see some couples modeling their best outcome and owning that this is a crappy part of it.

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