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Surprise! He's disgusting like you all said

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nekonamida posted 7/3/2019 17:53 PM

She posts a picture about BDSM, the picture is making fun a BDSM newbie someone who doesn't know how to do it, and she captions it, "I know this guy, he's 28, balding and has erectile dysfunction".

I understand that you're probably some what upset about her and him but if I were you, I'd have a hard time not sending her a gift basket with a card thanking her for freeing me from your XWBF and allowing me to move on to much greener, lusher, and virile pastures.

BB5, it may not feel like it today but you have not lost one thing of value. Not one! You dropped about 200 lbs of pure cheating man child and once this passes, you will feel great! Your baby is much better off with you being the main influencer and role model while he's just part time.

I know from experience because an XWBF is what brought me here and there is no amount of money in the world great enough to make me want to take him back today. I am so much better off for it.

BeenBetrayed5 posted 7/3/2019 21:29 PM

Every time I block I feel liberated. Itís a good feeling. He weighs me down emotionally and mentally. A sliver of feelings for him seemed to leave my mind today thinking of what he did to me, and how he keeps relentlessly manipulating me and taking advantage of my feelings for his benefit. This is who he is to me now and I am coming closer to accepting that.

BeenBetrayed5 posted 7/4/2019 07:34 AM

Woke up feeling kind of sad. Not really sad, sad. I just feel annoyed mostly I guess. Canít understand why itís so hard for him to just respect me in the end. He never did after what he was capable of doing to me. And how he has hurt me relentlessly. Heís going to regret this later. I just donít know if he will ever see the light about how he needs to change. He has done nothing of the sort on showing me he cares, and thatís why this had to be done.

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