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He loves her

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Justgettingbye posted 5/3/2019 09:36 AM

Congratulations!!!! Iím soooo happy for you!! I know it hurts and itís hard but try to think of it as a new beginning now! Youíre done with school and you can just focus on yourself and your children! I hope you have so much fun celebrating this weekend!!!

ThisIsSoLonely posted 5/3/2019 09:59 AM

I haven't read this thread before and all I can say is "wow". I am also a lawyer and you did the right thing. Divorces don't have to be the end but it sounds to me like there is no way in hell you would want to do anything but run away from this forever. I'm sorry for your kids and for you. I'm so glad you are in a state that allows for such a quick divorce and not one of these wait it out states.

Congrats on passing your exams in the midst of all of this - that says a LOT about you!

Ripped62 posted 5/3/2019 10:15 AM

Sending you strength, hugs, and peace of mind that comes from getting out of infidelity.

We will be with you step by step....moment by moment as you take back your life.

[This message edited by Ripped62 at 10:18 AM, May 3rd (Friday)]

sleepylove posted 5/3/2019 10:26 AM

Congratulations! Iíd say that is one of the most impressive things that Iíve read on here! Great job. This soon after dday I needed help tying my shoes!

LOL! Ain't that the truth!!

Unbelievable strength you have shown.

ChamomileTea posted 5/3/2019 11:56 AM

He gets home and CRIES to me again.. how he doesn't want to get served. How he cant believe i filed he asked me to wait. How he loves us both so its not that simple anymore....

Well, isn't he just the prize pig at the county fair?

Congratulations on passing your test. Having career options is going to make it so much easier for you to stop this guy from further victimizing you and your family.

GrayShades posted 5/3/2019 12:51 PM

So very impressed by you, Sadeyes! What a badass!

Meanwhile, if I knew your husband I would want to ask him if he's proud of himself right now? In any way? He pulls your kids into his drama by not responding to their messages? I don't think you should tell him this in keeping with the 180 but seriously. And then he cries because "he loves you both?" He needs to grow the fuck up.

Lp0725 posted 5/3/2019 13:34 PM

What a disgusting pile of crap he is. He's even hurting his own children. Good for you for taking a stand and ditching this loser for good. Let the whore he's running around with have him. These two scumbags deserve each other. You are so strong and brave!

Hurtmyheart posted 5/3/2019 20:26 PM

Impressive, SadEyes! You are doing well despite your circumstances.

Bladerunner2054 posted 5/6/2019 10:18 AM

Good job! I think you will find your life will be so much better off without him.

Scoobydoo posted 5/7/2019 08:12 AM

wow CONGRATULATIONS to you Sadeyes,

really hope this is your first steps into a new & exciting life for yourself & your girls.

such dignity, strength, & focus at such a terrible time is testament to you as a person...BE VERY PROUD :)

pureheartkit posted 5/7/2019 08:23 AM

Hey brighteyes, this is a happy day indeed. I hope you find a place where people are kind and you get a feeling of enjoyment from your contributions. May you prosper and have the life you dream of. Congratulations. This stuff is hard when you're under stress and it takes a strong person to persevere. I know you'll do well.

Odonna posted 5/11/2019 07:47 AM

Good morning! How are you doing today?

Krieger posted 5/11/2019 11:13 AM

You are doing an amazing job staying on target. His behavior is obviously irrational, so don't pay any attention to what he says and concentrate on his actions instead. The roller coaster is going to go on for awhile, but don't let him distract you from your objective. Concentrate on you and your children and make this a learning opportunity for all.

This is actually a good time to concentrate on career objectives and don't waste time worrying about him and fling. If he will cheat with her, he will cheat on her. Let him be her problem from now on. The sad thing is that he has decided to abdicate his fatherly duties to pursue his own selfish desires. You need to be their calm in the storm he has created. Good luck in court.

Odonna posted 5/24/2019 13:04 PM

I recommended your story today to another poster and so wanted to check in on you. How are you doing?

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