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Anyoneís spouse ever had same sex affair

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Makesmewannapuke posted 3/4/2019 15:36 PM

Well, if you weren't feeling a little bit f**cked up right now, I'd be more concerned! This is a lot to process. On top of all the stuff you've already had to process with him.

Try to go easy on yourself. Is it possible to give yourself some space - even just for a couple of days? Can you stay somewhere else? Can you ask him to stay somewhere else?

The last thing you need right now is him crying to you about his confusion, mental mess, etc. You sound like a very caring and empathetic person and he can and most likely will use that against you.

Frustration101 posted 3/4/2019 16:16 PM

He just called me after he got off work that he is not gonna stay here tonight. So no worries there. My heart and soul hurts so badly on this one. He said he was coming over later to get his clothes and let me get my things out of his van. But I honestly doubt that he will show up. I wish I could cry. Maybe I would feel a little better if I cried but I just havenít been able to get any tears flowing these past couple of months.

Lionne posted 3/4/2019 18:37 PM

I don't know your whole story but it's clear your husband has been a serial cheater. He could be a sex addict. I'm not saying that he is it's above my pay grade, that's a complicated issue and honestly not about sex. Sex addicts often engage in same sex liasons when all the rest becomes tame. It's about the escalation. They usually aren't gay or even bi.
Nevertheless, bi, gay, straight, it's about fidelity. If you commit to a monogamous relationship, be faithful.
The whole concept of sexuality is changing. It's my opinion that it's a continuum.
In any case, he's cheated and may now be including same sex relationships. Get tested for STDs and DON'T be intimate with him without protection.

Frustration101 posted 3/4/2019 18:48 PM

Thank you I am planning on the embarrassing trip to my doctor. I have no intention of being physical with him nor do I think he will come back home other than to get his belongings eventually anyway. Unfortunately I did have sex with him all last month before I found out so Iím praying he didnít give me anything. I did go and buy new deadbolt locks to put them n my doors as he hasnít given me back his keys

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