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Messed up the NB? Advice, please.

First post here in NB.

I was thinking about posting here a few weeks ago but didn't want to jinx anything. Maybe if I reached out sooner, you guys could have helped me avoid this...

My friend connected me with a friend of her husband's back in Feb. We started talking to each other via text and eventually real phone conversations. Hours of phone conversations. I've never talked to someone on the phone that much in my life, ever. We finally met in person on Saturday. Had a really nice day and all that. Well, day turns into night and we wound up closing the deal. I stayed the night.

In hindsight, I was not emotionally ready for that step. (I was really physically ready for it which is what got me into this mess.) Now what? Can you rewind? What's done is done but how do I fix that? Or did I just screw everything up?

Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do? What do I do?

4 comments posted: Monday, March 30th, 2020

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