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Religious & Political threads

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SI Staff posted 2/5/2006 17:24 PM

SI is a support board from the pain of infidelity. We have very few rules here. We have asked in the past to please refrain posting about religious or political beliefs.

PLEASE NOTE - The No Politics guideline has been revised and the banner at the top of the forums has changed to reflect the change -

IMPORTANT NOTICE: SI Staff has decided that the recent no politics guideline changes will be permanent. There is to be NO mention of political names, and absolutely no political topic content in any context. Any violation of this guideline will result in the loss of posting privileges. Thank you.

This means members are no longer allowed to post about politicians even if the post is infidelity related.

If you have questions, please contact the staff to discuss.

Thank you for your cooperation.
-SI Staff

[This message edited by SI Staff at 4:16 PM, November 30th (Wednesday)]

NewAttitude posted 2/5/2006 18:22 PM


SithGoddess posted 2/5/2006 18:42 PM

Hey, why don't you guys use one of those thumbtack thingies and then you won't have to keep bumping this?

Deeply Scared posted 2/5/2006 19:36 PM

We like to refer to them as Sticky Bun threads

I'll have MH take care of it...thanks Sith

making it posted 2/5/2006 19:39 PM

Lordy girls...We're going to have half the post on SI on Honey Buns..LOL

knucklehead posted 2/5/2006 19:53 PM

Yeah, a sticky bun would be nice. Almonds or pecans?

girlalmostgone posted 2/5/2006 19:58 PM

Oh great.. now I am hungry!!

ms_swooz posted 2/6/2006 05:59 AM


We have a two hour delay here, the roads don't look too bad, I'm thinking I need to take me and the kiddos out for some nice hot sticky buns.

thanks for the ideas everyone!

damged posted 2/6/2006 13:43 PM

Does this include taglines that are offensive to Christians? Also, may we state that we are praying for an individual?

Deeply Scared posted 2/6/2006 13:57 PM

This only applies to actual threads that induce religious or political debates

[This message edited by Deeply Scared at 1:58 PM, February 6th (Monday)]

damged posted 2/6/2006 14:00 PM

Thanks for the clarification!

Ifthisisit posted 2/8/2006 22:49 PM

One more question, DS. Does this mean we can get rid of the Clinton/oral sex stuff too?

mommyforthree posted 2/9/2006 12:16 PM

Are you stating direct attacts on a particular religious belief? I personally have found the posts from other believers as to their faith in helping thru the issues extremely helpful and encouraging. Please explain...not sure I understand.

NOTaDOG22 posted 2/10/2006 16:51 PM

I think maybe it's okay to mention that your faith has helped you through, but I think what they want is for folks to not be suggestive towards any one particular religion, or even to offer anything of your own. Most people know what you mean when you use the word faith, so I would say that is pretty safe.

What do you say SI Staff?

ImTheRealThing posted 2/11/2006 01:52 AM

I guess I better quit calling people Godless Communists or I will get two strikes at once.

inbits posted 2/12/2006 23:49 PM

i don't know about politics, but i believe that religion and spirituality BELONG in a site that deals with infidelity, commitment and forgiveness.

DesertLotus posted 2/12/2006 23:51 PM

But people of varying religions post here. Some religious posts may offend. Religion and politics tend to become heated discussions. I think this is why the topics are discouraged.

truthsetmefree posted 2/13/2006 13:26 PM

There are opportunities to be offended by something every day. I consider myself most fortunate when I have the option to turn the channel, put down the magazine, or not post a reply. As long as that remains a choice, I don't see that censorship is required.

Mods - I completely understand your goal. I understand the desire to keep this site pure & supportive.

I just wish that we could all come here, take what we need, leave what we have to offer, & ignore what doesn't apply to our situations.

what now? posted 2/14/2006 11:21 AM

Interesting..glad to see this actually.

I've been involved in a few of these heated discussions.

I benefit from, utilize and cherish freedom of speech in my everyday life, make a living this way actually, but the goal here is to facilitate healing from infidelity.

There are other forums on the internet and elsewhere to hash out our differences. Here, at SI, I'm grateful to the mods for keeping us on track.

Thanks Mods, for keeping this a safe place

angry_wet_cat posted 2/15/2006 19:04 PM

For a lot of people - men and women - and for a lot of, say, Orthodox Muslims, Catholics and Jews, it is difficult, if not impossible, to separate politics from their beliefs.

In the Muslim world, I believe if my research and reading is correct, that there is no difference, distinction or separation of beliefs and politics; both are one in the same.

Ditto for Orthodox Catholics.

I suppose the only ones such *wouldn't* apply to would, really, be atheists.

Denying my politcical sympathies would be like me denying my religious/spiritual beliefs, however I understand "why" such is said.

With True Conviction,


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