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Shitty days are here. A puppy super pooper. It is killing me.


 Tallgirl (original poster member #64088) posted at 10:42 PM on Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

Omg. My son got a new husky puppy, she is cute but dear god she is something. And that ain’t good. And my Lucy has been a real shit too.

So yesterday I yelled at the two scavengers. Yep, Lucy who is 2.5 yrs and is teaching North the puppy to be a pita. She pulled off the closed and locked compost bin from the counter. It busted open all over the kitchen. I left the kitchen for less than 3 minutes. I heard the bang, raced thru the damn baby gates (not helpful for this), and ripped a chicken carcass out of North’s mouth. The little gremlin didn’t want to let go either. And yes, I washed the floor.. . 2nd floor wash in 3 days. Then North pooped, Lucy ate it.

Today was good until I got on the phone with my boss. I was on my own with the dogs. North was good until I moved Lucy to another room. North is having a lot of accidents. I had taken her out 30 minutes earlier for a poo and pee. when she realized Lucy was in another room, Dear god, she let lose. I brought Lucy back, they fought over a bone. I took it away. I turned around, found a pee. Cleaned it. Turned around. Found a poo. Went to get a paper towel. Lucy started eating it. I ran back, said no, ew gross, I cleaned what little was left. Then Found another fucking pee. Cleaned it and am getting ready to was the floor again. And my boss heard it all.

Then of course, my son backed into me after all this, I dropped my iPad and it has a huge hole on the edge where it shattered. And he yelled at me.

Fucking hell.

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tushnurse ( member #21101) posted at 10:51 PM on Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

Time to crate train my sweet friend. It is for their safety and your sanity.

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NorthernMSB ( member #69725) posted at 1:55 PM on Thursday, November 25th, 2021

Holy Hell. I just went through the puppy thing, well my lab girl is 11 months. Huskies are amazing wonderful beautiful babies ( lots here in the North, and wiener dogs weirdly enough?) but they need some stuff. Energy levels through the roof and destructible if that energy isn’t channeled. The house training took about two weeks for my lab, so by about 10 weeks she had maybe one pee accident. I literally took her out after playing, eating, drinking, sleeping and we walked around until she went. The biggest question I perhaps have for you is WHY is your son not doing all the work?

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 Tallgirl (original poster member #64088) posted at 11:22 PM on Thursday, November 25th, 2021

All of this happened on a work day. I work from home. My son goes into the office two days a week. It was unbelievable yesterday. So based on advice, I put her in a crate for a couple of hours today. I thought someone was torturing her for at least 45 minutes. But she did quiet down and maybe who knows, slept. When I got her out she was much better than before. It seems like 330 to 530 ARE her bewitching hours. She is insanely energetic at that time. We have been crating her at night, and in the mornings so he can get ready for work. We’re going to start crating her from 8 to 10 and 1 to 3. I have to say when she was quiet it was blissful

My son is a runner, so I hope that is what he does. She did destroy a new carpet today. I was not happy. We were told as a puppy not to exercise her very much. But you’re right, her energy levels are quite high. From what we understand, it can cause damage to their joints if you exercise them too much and too early. She is 11 weeks now and certainly getting more sturdy. Online it said five minutes of exercise per month +5 minutes. So we can up it to 20 minutes soon. We are doing a little bit more than recommended but don’t want to injure her. Love some advice on that.

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PricklePatch ( member #34041) posted at 11:28 PM on Friday, November 26th, 2021

Feed both fig newtons makes the poop unpalatable. Sorry your in puppy hell.

BS Fwh

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 Tallgirl (original poster member #64088) posted at 11:34 PM on Friday, November 26th, 2021

Hmmm. Never heard of that before. Worth a try.

Today was better. I got lots of snuggles. Puppy snuggles are priceless

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