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Romances that survive infidelity?


 TheRedQueen (original poster new member #57851) posted at 8:14 AM on Thursday, November 18th, 2021

Call me an idiot as someone who has been cheated on multiple times by the same person rolleyes , but I used to be an avid romance reader and dabbled in writing some as well that have sat on my computer mostly untouched since this all began due to my now lack of inspiration and lack of belief in fairytales.

But I’d LIKE to believe in fairytales (and I need something to keep my mind occupied at times) so I’m wondering if any members can recommend a romance / love story fiction book that specifically deals includes recovering from an affair, cheating etc, preferably in the main characters relationship but also in one of their pasts maybe ok.

Fingers crossed for a response!

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LostInHisFog ( member #78503) posted at 1:13 PM on Thursday, November 18th, 2021

This reply comes with a massive red flashing warning that the problem with cheating romance redemption books is they don’t really exist, I’ve yet to read one that delivers that exciting feeling of a happy ending. the authors have a hard time writing the hero, they need to paint them as a selfish cheater but miss the mark at writing any redeeming qualities and in the end, as some one who knows the pain IRL, it comes across as the doormat heroine forgiving the giant douche hero because "it’s the right thing to do for the family"and there is no reconciliation growth, no ground work or story development that leaves you thinking it won’t happen again. Definitely no romance. That and they’re so angsty every second chapter is one painful trigger because it’s so easy to fill in the gaps.

If you’re still determined punch into google ‘goodreads cheating redemption romance books’ ‘goodreads cheating grovel romance books‘ ‘goodreads adultery cheating grovel books’ ‘goodreads cheating husband grovel books’ and the likes and what you will get are goodread members book lists of allllll the cheating redemptio/grovel novels out there. Please oh please, read the reviews, narrow the search to one star then two star and read those instead of the four or five star review, why? Because the lower star reviews are often betrayed partners and they list the triggers, the top reviews only romanticise the cheating and reading these books are a mind fuck, truly.

start with Laura branchflower’s white picket fence series, the WH gets the AP pregnant and shift blames, there are two books and you want to rip the bandaid off so when you finish the first start the second.

but honestly I have never found a decent fluffy romantic reconciliation book yet, either the hero is so unworthy of reconciliation you will throw the book across the room, or the heroine is a two dimensional doormat or the other woman is painted in such a crazy horrific way... which may sound fine but that tactic is used to forget the hero’s role in the affair and as such offers no logical reason why he cheated with that person in the first place then excuse the couple remaining together.

Yikes... just be prepare for those triggers and a massive let down and you should be fine 😆🤞

Edit: same goes with the mills and boon, most of those are... so bad lol they’re not romantic and the hero is mostly cruel but excused as “alpha” rolleyes

At least, after reading a few romance grovel your creativity might kick in and you can write a truly redeeming hero that the reader wants reconciliation for him and a strong female that gives the gift of R, not one that is pressured into it by family, commitments, fear, bullying etc.

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