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"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Me - BW (40) Him - WH (42) 2 Teenagers, 1 Younger Child

D-Day Feb 2016 + .. Most recent D-Day Nov 2021

Still married, not feeling it.....

They just keep coming...

The knocks, the pain, but currently the hook up emails. My WH signed up to a plethora of websites for meetups, sex, whatever. Which was found out over a year ago, it took me some time to work out what email he had used because of course he promptly deleted stuff after being found out and then conveniently "couldn't remember" exactly what it was. I was able to recover the email address and I've been monitoring it for that year.

At first the sheer volume of emails coming in from sites was overwhelming but because it bothered me so much I clicked through to each one, read what he had put on his profile, cried some more about photos etc he had used including ones I had taken and were my favourites, the usernames which were often something that at the time meant something to us, and even the damn passwords because mostly he used one that I had taught him.

Slowly I removed as much trace of his activity as I could, but there's still this odd trickle of emails coming in, that don't point to a site they come from, they are constructed like a more personal email sending you to a site to meet up with them :

XXXX, hi,
Im super fit yoga coach.
Are you into naughty and gorgeous brunettes?
Here, check out my photos: LINK

It really bothers me that there is still possibly profiles I haven't been able to find out there, but I'm at a loss where to look.

2 comments posted: Monday, November 21st, 2022

Staff help, contacting SI?

Sorry I couldn't find a better place to put this. My WS has tried to join up to this site, unfortunately he's got a terrible memory and a few minutes after doing all the join up stuff couldn't remember what username and password he had picked, not to worry there's generally an email to let you know your all good to go right?

It hasn't arrived. Then he thought maybe he didn't quite finish it all somehow so I helped him try and work it out. It wont send him a password as "that email is not in our database" but he can't submit a new registration as it tells him "that email is already in our system". rolleyes

We then did the contact me form through the site, and have received no reply to his email (btw there is nothing in the spam/junk of his email).

Can anyone help?

2 comments posted: Saturday, April 23rd, 2022

Romances that survive infidelity?

Call me an idiot as someone who has been cheated on multiple times by the same person rolleyes , but I used to be an avid romance reader and dabbled in writing some as well that have sat on my computer mostly untouched since this all began due to my now lack of inspiration and lack of belief in fairytales.

But I’d LIKE to believe in fairytales (and I need something to keep my mind occupied at times) so I’m wondering if any members can recommend a romance / love story fiction book that specifically deals includes recovering from an affair, cheating etc, preferably in the main characters relationship but also in one of their pasts maybe ok.

Fingers crossed for a response!

7 comments posted: Thursday, November 18th, 2021

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