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 freetogonow (original poster member #57821) posted at 9:17 PM on Monday, August 9th, 2021

I was eating my pie and ruminating and I realized that he DID once get me the strawberry rhubarb pie. I forgot about this. I think I blocked it out LOL. But...I have to tell this story.

In early 2016, he was part of an off road vehicle riders enthusiast club. They often went to the boondocks in our area, to camp and ride all weekend. It was mostly men, a handful of women and/or wives, but mostly it was a "guy thing".

He told me he was going out with the club one weekend, and he actually did go with them. Nothing about this was unusual. He did this all the time. They were going to be out in the area of this "pie town".

When he came home Sunday night, he had a pie. I was expecting it to be Dutch apple and was surprised it was strawberry rhubarb, because that never happened. I remember that he was very magnanimous about the fact that he had purchased me this pie.

It was like three days later that he sent me a text at 5am that was intended for her, and the affair came to light.

Within 12 hours of me finding out, he was happily updating his facebook. Mind you the tears were not dry on my face, my son didn't even know, I had literally just found out, and he was busy posting all of these pictures of them together, consorting and carrying on their affair. Pictures taken during the past six months in which we had been in marriage counseling and he had sworn he was no contact with her, and trying to fix things with me. It had all been a huge fucking lie. I mean my phone and messenger were blowing up with people, all our friends, asking me who the fuck that woman was that my husband was posting pictures of her sitting on his lap, etc.

It was like he'd been holding back, but the dam had burst so he was free to post all these pictures of them together, and he was not in the slightest bit ashamed or concerned what anyone would think of what he was doing (clinical narcissists typically do not concern themselves with how their actions affect others, they are pretty much oblivious to that).

Some of the pictures were from that weekend with the off roading club. Yes. He hadn't been "out with the guys". He had been with the guys, and this hoe-bag.

So this mother fucker, had been out all weekend fucking this ho, and LYING to me about it, came home and kissed me, pretending to be a good husband who had stopped in this town on his way home from his guys weekend, and bought his loving wife, her favorite pie.

I mean...I can't even with this fuckface.

It made my pie all that much sweeter.

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WarriorPrincess ( member #51806) posted at 12:41 AM on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Fuck that guy. Enjoy the pie.

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And hide her away from the rest o' the world
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Oh girls, they wanna have fun....
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WhoTheBleep ( member #49504) posted at 12:56 AM on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Fuck that guy. Enjoy the pie.

Mmmm hmmm.

Shortly before D-Day, and my discovering 17 years of him fucking other people, dozens of them, STBX bought me a Fitbit. Want to know how many times he brought it up during our false R. What a great guy he was because he bought the Fitbit, therefore I was always on his mind. 😂😂😂

Eat every damn piece of that pie, FTGN. Lick the damn pie plate when you're done. Buy strawberry rhubarb every chance you get. You don't need his guilty ass pie. You can buy your own for the rest of your life, without any toxic emotions attached to it. It's just pie. Yummmmmm

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EllieKMAS ( member #68900) posted at 1:57 AM on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

I move that hereby strawberry rhubarb shall henceforth be known as fuckface pie.


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Fablegirl ( member #56784) posted at 10:03 PM on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Anytime I eat strawberry rhubarb pie I wil think of you. I can't get over this story, the whole facebook thing and how he tried to normalize betrayal and infidelity. What a fuck face.

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EvenKeel ( member #24210) posted at 12:48 PM on Friday, August 13th, 2021

I have been following your Pie post.

First off - What an azz your ex is. But don't feel bad - we have an entire club of folks like us. You are in good company.

Secondly - Good for you. RECLAIMING your favorite pie. I see this as no differently as those of us who have redone our bedroom to reclaim the space!

The way I see it, this pie has been very symbolic to show you the path to happiness. From being restricted (showing you his true colors) to being brought to you during his A (showing his lack of character) and now to bring you full circle (reminding you of some of life's joys).

Yeah pie! I think you should host a little pie party. Get a few of your friends together for enjoyment of this piece of life's goodness!

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wildbananas ( member #10552) posted at 4:16 PM on Friday, August 13th, 2021

I move that hereby strawberry rhubarb shall henceforth be known as fuckface pie.

I second the motion. laugh

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