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Minnesota G2G

Minnesota posted 6/1/2021 21:53 PM

Ok- I'm down to host one. BUT- I work Saturdays now, so I need a co-host that can help me on Saturday during the day.

AND I need to know what dates are best. Minnesota can get hot and humid in the summer. Last time we did it here, I put a tent on my deck and we hung out there for one evening. The 2nd day we went to lunch and then to an Art Museum and then in the evening we went out to eat. Sunday morning we had brunch and said farewells in my house because the weather turned stormy. Or I can wait until September, but I don't want to infringe on the October TExas show.

So let me know what month works best for you, and I'll pick a weekend in that month that has the best response. -

Here we go!

Minnesota posted 6/1/2021 21:55 PM

Or maybe we do it the same weekend as the Texas October show and have some virtual co-sponsored G2G time. That's not a bad idea.

sisoon posted 6/2/2021 17:14 PM

My memory of the storm is that it was brutal, but it just delayed breakfast a bit. The city lost power, but the electricity came back one because of the way we closed our car doors when we arrived at your house on Sunday AM. (Our door-closing method obviously effected the static electricity still in the air....)

My memory of the g2g was lots of good conversation and more than enough good food.

What do you think of a Minnesota United FC game for a Saturday activity?

I'm possible for TX, probable for MN.

Minnesota posted 6/2/2021 17:54 PM

I think a United game sounds awesome!

deena04 posted 6/20/2021 20:51 PM

I'm in northern Iowa, can I be a Minnesotan for the weekend and join you guys? I missed the Iowa one last time.

sisoon posted 6/21/2021 13:50 PM

From what I understand, the differences between Minnesotans and Iowans are obvious and profound. I'm told the 2 types of people normally don't mix well. They even tell jokes about each other.

But the rules for SI g2gs are that all members have to be welcome, so the invitation has to include you.

As a Rhode Islander, I'll just hope that you and the Minnesotans find a way to coexist in the same place for a short while. Given the brief duration of a g2g, I wouldn't expect fireworks.

deena04 posted 7/2/2021 22:58 PM

If it helps, I was born and raised here, but definitely not an Iowan as of late...I feel more Minnesota than Iowa. That is not to knock any other Iowans.

josiep posted 7/3/2021 00:44 AM

I have family in the upper Peninsula of Michigan that Iíve been anxious to visit. Depending on what date you set, Iíd definitely try to plan a trip to see them and also attend the G2G.

But Iím not too sure about September- I donít have any cold weather clothes anymore.

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