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farm life, meet Bella

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DragnHeart posted 4/21/2021 13:44 PM

The chicks, turkeys and ducklings have arrived. The house is loud with chirping.

The store employees nicknamed one duck with a black spot Houdini because he kept getting out of the box. Caught him trying to escape on the way home.

Oh man the turkeys are beautiful.

I am so happy. So are the kids. Not so sure wh will be though.

Oh AND i had posted on the community page looking for an old covered box trailer or camper trailer to use as a animal house ages ago. Neighbour up the road messaged me. Hes bringing me a huge fifth wheel camper trailer for free tomorrow. I am giddy. New goat house here i come!!! And its moveable. Yay!!!

DragnHeart posted 4/28/2021 14:25 PM

Heres an update:

Bella the piglet is officially no longer into snuggles all day long. She's become adventurous. Even leaps from the sofa to run around the house. She likes to run and jump. She can even jump out of her night box to come wake me or wh up when shes hungry or needs to pee....she enjoys rubbing her butt on anything she can (the chihuahua did not find this amusing one bit lmao)

Edited to add that Bella is using a litter box now. If only we can get her to eat and drink from a bowl....

Below house duck Becky is meeting Bella the piglet. Becky wasnt so sure about Bella at first. I think she doesnt like that Bella has the heat mat lol. Bella refused to leave her bed to investigate Becky.

[This message edited by DragnHeart at 2:26 PM, April 28th (Wednesday)]

DragnHeart posted 5/4/2021 10:52 AM


Bella went from syringe feeding to a bottle to now drinking from a bowl! I am so proud of her progress. Shes also gaining weight nicely!

We did have a bit of a scare this morning when she threw up all over her blanket. I held off giving her a bottle to let her stomach settle but left a bowl of warm milk for her and while i was helping one of the kids with their schoolwork dd found Bella drinking from the bowl.

She just got up from her nap and went straight to the bowl

DragnHeart posted 5/7/2021 10:00 AM

Look at the chubby cheeks!!! Finally Bella is putting on some weight.

DragnHeart posted 5/9/2021 10:37 AM

I have discovered that Bella likes to tear apart paper....

We had a Big scare with Becky the duck. She has a cage she stays in at night. We leave the door open during the day and she comes and goes as she wants.

A couple of nights ago the older kids came to me crying that she was dying. She must have tried to fly/jump while IN her cage and knocked herself silly. I honestly thought we were going to lose her.

We put her in a box in the bathroom where its warm and the kids stayed with her until they went to bed. Next morning becky was out of the box. Yesterday she just spent sitting on a towel, ate and drank. Today she's more herself walking around. Shes still not 100% yet. She still wont run around like she normally does but i think shes out of the woods.

Jeaniegirl posted 5/9/2021 12:29 PM

Dragn, you have taught your children how to love and care for animals. THAT is so important.

DragnHeart posted 5/9/2021 17:13 PM

Thank you. Im trying. Of course they love the animals, just not whats involved in caring for them lol. Thats moms job.

I went out to get some groceries and animal feed today. Saw electric wire fencing for a really great price!

Set it up so momma goat and kids can venture out to some nice green grass.

Giz our kid buck touched the fence first. Jumped straight up. Pearl was next. Ran and hid back in the kennel lol. Both are out again with mom.

Im impressed with my solar energizer. Was out all winter and still packs a punch lol

This is perfect fencing for dividing the pasture to keep my boys from the kids and girls.

DragnHeart posted 5/14/2021 09:30 AM

Well sad news

Ds has been feeding and watering mom and piglets in the garage. He found one baby squished. This happens so i had made an area babies could go that mom couldn't to prevent that! Didn't work. Ds found baby two yesterday and was devastated. Despite baby three eating and drinking from the bowls she was shivering and had lost weight so we made the decision to bring her upstairs too. She now has a huge crate, blanket, food and water bowls. Mom still has milk coming in so we don't know why that baby is losing weight, especially with her eating pig pellets.

Bella is still tiny compared to her.

This piglet is very calm. Just wants to be held and snuggled. Ds and dd took turns all evening. If i can find a place open ill buy her a heat mat. If not ill order her one. Her and Bella also look so different from eachother. Bella has a smooth. Short coat, her sister has a more rough, long
coat. Ive got both on whole goats milk so that should put the weight back on.

Mom was put out with the other pigs and it was a happy reunion with her girlfriend Truffle.

So now two piglets and a house duck. The 11 ducklings will be going out to the coop brooder this weekend. Turkey poults and chicks are doing amazing out there. Geese are with momma goat and kids in electric net fence pen.

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