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Chaos posted 4/9/2021 09:00 AM

WH and I are thinking of getting them. We have been for a while. Now with our kids grown we have the time.

And I'm overwhelmed with it all - so many choices and options.

Don't want or need top of the line. We live on the East Coast [around the middle] and there are lakes/water within 20 min in any direction. I am a fair weather outdoorsgirl so if it not warmish - I'm not going.

WH is looking at a fishing set up. I'm just looking for something comfortable and practical. I want to enjoy some water, nature and experience exercise and peace.


TruthIsPower posted 4/9/2021 09:09 AM

Chaos, Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT Kayak is a great mid-range for lakes and rivers. It showed itself very well even during storm on a lake. Now we're trying to get a 3rd one for our 18 y.o.
I'll send a paddle info later , I need to find it in my emails.

Kayaking is so much fun!

TruthIsPower posted 4/9/2021 09:19 AM

Paddle: Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle as at Best Marine and Outdoors.

Chaos posted 4/9/2021 09:22 AM

TruthIsPower - thank you!!!!

That Pelican Trailblazer was one I thought I liked at first glance and have been researching.

I haven't even thought about researching paddles yet...

Neanderthal posted 4/9/2021 10:39 AM

I had the angler version of the Pelican Trailblazer as my first kayak. I loved it. Light weight, durable and inexpensive. I added a Scotty rod holder in front too. I didn't like reaching behind me to grab the fishing pole.

Sit in kayaks (like the trailblazer) have plenty of benefits.
Lower center of gravity which helps stability.
Less surface area above the water for the wind to blow you around. Where I live, wind is a real challenge on the lake.
They can be sunk though.

A sit on top kayak wont sink and is easier to clean. Especially after fishing.

The paddle length is pretty important. Learning to paddle with your core muscles instead of your arms is huge! You wont get tired nearly as fast. I started with an adjustable paddle, so I could figure out what length works best for me. Then a bought a higher quality lighter paddle at the right length.

Also I wouldn't get a kayak shorter than 10 feet in length (unless you're riding rapids). Length helps you track straighter, and you won't be overcoming the side to side motion with every stroke. Meaning it takes less effort to go straight.

Now I'm wishing I hadn't sold mine.

somanyyears posted 4/9/2021 10:42 AM

..so... I'm guessing that a 'canoe for two' is out of the question?

Never been in a kayak; but 60 years and counting for canoes..since Boy Scouts.

Have you considered a nice boat with one of those new 300 hp. Mercury outboards hangin' off the back??

..as for paddles... here's mine.


[This message edited by somanyyears at 10:43 AM, April 9th (Friday)]

Bigger posted 4/9/2021 10:50 AM

What sort of fishing?
I know from experience that fly-fishing off a kayak isnít really the best idea. The cast will be affected by the prone position and probably get his back.

On the subject of kayaks: Anyone here have experience on the fold-away types? The one you assemble on-site like some eloquent fiber origami. Weigh about 40 pounds and the size of carry-on luggage.

Chaos posted 4/9/2021 11:32 AM

Bigger - WH wants to use his for fishing [bass, striper].

Me - I want to sit and flow on the water like a unicorn mermaid in peace and tranquility. Seriously, I will be a fair weather kayaker. Important features - water bottle holder and storage for my waterproof backpack and perhaps a place to clip a waterproof bluetooth speaker. I'm out for some serenity and peace and time on the water.

somanyyears yikes! that paddle...

Many moons ago WH had a bass boat. He and buddies went fishing with it. It wasn't a family recreational thing. Too much money and upkeep. We ended up selling it at least 12 years ago.

This is something we want to do togetherish and also something I can do for peace. To me - when you are on the water - there is a serenity there.

Neanderthal - that's a debate isn't it. If I lived in a year round warm climate those sit on tops look amazingly fun! But being in the middle of the east coast - things can be chilly outside of the summer months. I like the idea of using the kayak when it is still spring/fall but don't want to feel the cold water as much then.

I haven't heard of anyone using the fold ups but have seen some while doing my research. Friends have an inflatable one - but they mainly use it in a big pond.

TruthIsPower posted 4/9/2021 13:20 PM

Chaos, you can't go wrong with Pelican. We're in the North East, and , yes, I was looking at sit on top kayaks. With sit inside , we're able to kayak till fall, and plan to open kayaking season this weekend, even though the water is very very cold. You're right, you would need waterproof backpack, since compartment at least on this Pelican kayak is not water sealed and with waves, can accumulate water inside the storage compartment.
This season we start sailing our new Hobie Gateway! Sailing , camping, maybe fishing right on/from boat!

The1stWife posted 4/10/2021 18:13 PM

Pelicans are good. One kid in CO uses his first bass fishing.

He keeps it in his apartment. Along with all his fishing equipment. Heís a warehouse (lol) for any fishing stores. Oh to be in my 20 so again.

Enjoy the kayak.

barcher144 posted 4/10/2021 19:30 PM

I have a recommendation of a different type: Costco.

This time of year, Costco usually has 1 or 2 different types of kayaks in their warehouses. I've bought two of the standard ones and I really like them. They have also had fishing kayaks, but I have never tried one of those.

whatisloveanyway posted 4/11/2021 09:44 AM

WH is a kayak bass fisherman. He likes his oldtown predator with foot pedals. He is very tall and this kayak works great for him. The price point is pretty high, but the quality and stability are worth it for him, as well as the support of the seat.

If you are able, get to a kayak store or outdoors outfitter and try some out first. It's hard to know how stable and comfortable they are until you use them. My kayak is a cheaper one from the farm and fleet store, I love it but taller bigger people find it too unstable. If I were going to upgrade, I'd get a pedal version due to shoulder problems and painful paddling.

Kayaking has been the best thing we have found to do together since we started hiking and camping again. I don't fish, but take photographs and soak up scenery while he fishes. Good luck in your search and happy paddling.

dontsaylovely posted 4/12/2021 20:17 PM

I'm not a kayaker but live on the water (powerboat and canoe). Aunt & Uncle love kayaking so went to a local supplier and were able to bring to my place a few kayaks "on approval" to use for the weekend and pick what they liked. Worked out well, they live 4 hours away but suppliers (& water) more plentiful by me. They still love what they picked from that weekend 6 years later. Any option for tryouts where you are?

countrydirt posted 4/13/2021 07:14 AM

I have an 11 foot Lifetime Teton Angler kayak from a local sporting goods store. It was an upgrade from another sit-on top I bought at KMart. It is wide and stable and I am adding a few accessories for fishing. It is a slow kayak, but that's okay, I'm not racing to get fish, just paddling around and having some fun. I don't even know what length my paddle is, but it is a Lifetime model as well.

It was important for me to have a kayak with an actual seat on top, not sitting my butt on the wet plastic. And the seat keeps my butt and legs from going to sleep after about an hour of paddling. I paddled my former sit on top for many hours and enjoy the peace of the water, but my butt would get cold and clammy and winter kayaking was not fun. So I am looking forward to more comfortable paddling and a bit of fishing as well.

Chaos posted 4/13/2021 07:22 AM

countrydirt that is the one WH is looking at! Good to hear your positive review. He's a fisherman.

dontsaylovely not real tryouts in my area unless we use an upscale store [we on a Dicks budget]. But I will sit in one before I buy it [yes, I'll get the cheesy pic of me pretending to be on rapids while sitting in a store isle].

barcher144 - thanks. Never thought of that angle. I don't have a Costco super close. But there is one about 45 min away - and if we liked them would be worth the membership and drive. I'll check them out.

We going out again this weekend or one night this week so I can sit in some. I'm watching YouTube videos of various ones in use on lakes and ponds [where we will predominantly use them] so I can see how they look in the water and hear real time reviews so to speak.

I'll keep you all posted. I'm really excited about this.

Sunnydaysahead posted 4/15/2021 15:24 PM

We love kayaking! We have three Old Town kayaks, the Vapor (least expensive and my fave), the Dirigo and my husband has a Loon for fishing. We are in Colorado and mostly stick to lakes.

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