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Odd and sad Events. Covid related?

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DragnHeart posted 4/18/2021 16:44 PM

Im so sorry Jeaniegirl. So much loss and yet so many who refuse to abide by the health measures.


number4 posted 4/18/2021 20:23 PM

So sorry to hear about your loss, and yes, COVID sucks!

Hang in there.

DragnHeart posted 4/21/2021 03:45 AM

One of wh co workers was in quarantine as a close contact of covid. He did test positive, said he felt like shit but recovered and once cleared came to work. First day back complained of chest pain and went to the hospital. He had a heart attack.

There seems to be an increase in those who have recovered from covid having heart attacks. Does anyone know of its an actual trend?

Jeaniegirl posted 4/27/2021 13:27 PM

What a tragedy! My friend who passed from Covid a week ago Sunday morning is STILL in the morgue in Texas as they can't obtain a death certificate with a doctor's signature. It seems Texas has a new electronic 'system' to process death certificates there and they haven't received a signed death certificate. How horrible for his wife and son!! My heart breaks for them. They want to transport him to another state so he can be buried next to his parents, which was his wishes but can't move him.

Another example of incompetent people running things! It seems Texas has had so many covid related deaths and the new 'system' is backed up. I cannot imagine losing a loved one and having to deal with them lying in a morgue, waiting for a funeral! His wife, also a dear friend of mine, is just heart broken. I found some information on their new 'system' and it seems some families are having to wait up to 6 weeks for a death certificate. I just find this so unacceptable.

AND he passed away in a hospital, NOT at home, which makes it more confusing. Surely a doctor was called in when he passed away!

(edited to add another paragraph)

[This message edited by Jeaniegirl at 1:30 PM, April 27th (Tuesday)]

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