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Tattoo or no tattoo? Vegas or no?

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newlife03 posted 3/23/2021 17:15 PM

I have several tattoos, all of which are meaningful to me and none of which have summoned evil spirits .

That being said, Vegas with friends sounds like fun. I'd pass on the tattoo, at least until you're completely healed. Like some others have said, you don't want the reminder of your pain marked on your body forever...UNLESS it becomes a reminder of your strength. For me it would be like the tattoos that people get once their loved ones have passed; looking at it would always bring great pain, at least for me. Others feel that it's an honorable way to remember them, and that's ok. Just don't do it while you're emotional because that will change.

Once it goes on, it's there forever! Choose wisely when it's time. And be sure to do it at a local and reputable shop, not some fly-by in Vegas.

EllieKMAS posted 3/23/2021 17:29 PM

Ink it up! I have.......... 19 tattoos, 20? I think? My favorite ones are the ones I got to mark major life things, both positive and negative.

Still working on design for my divorce tattoo - I haven't landed on one yet, but you can bet I'll be gettin some ink as soon as I do.

Just make sure whatever you get means something special to you. I also recommend finding an artist you click with because they can help you refine design ideas and that can make a huge difference in your final product.

Phoenix1 posted 3/23/2021 20:03 PM

One DD has a full sleeve, her entire upper back, and several on both feet.

Other DD has most of her mid torso covered.

I've never been a big tat fan, but they both talked me into getting a small, matching tat on our ankles in honor of my DS. We all went in together. I did, however, require that mine be in white ink. Girls rolled their eyes, but were satisfied I got it done with them.

Just make sure it is something you will find joy in seeing for the rest of your life!

Vegas? Good for fun weekend getaways only, IMHO. That was my first solo trip after divorce was final to celebrate! Took each kid there for a 21st birthday present.

Brave30 posted 3/24/2021 09:01 AM

I currently have 6 tattoos. And, I don't regret a single one. I have matching tattoos with my brother, as well as tattoos that represent my kids.

I did get a tattoo half way through my nearly 2 year divorce process. But, it was completely unrelated to the actual divorce. It's a piece that I drew which reaches from my ribs to my hip, so it has special meaning since I designed it myself.

I also have a tattoo that says, "Be Not Afraid." I told myself that A LOT during the divorce and thought about getting it early on when my XH and I separated. I ultimately decided to wait and didn't get that tattoo until five years later. I figured if I still wanted to get it after all those years, then it must be important. That phrase is something I tell myself, even now, so it never poses a trigger when I look at it.

I'd say yes to a tattoo, just make sure that is something that represents you and has meaning.

Vegas? I can't speak to that one. Never been, no desire to ever go.

Shehawk posted 3/24/2021 11:09 AM

This has been a great conversation. I think I was thinking of something external to show the scar. And perhaps that is reason to pause for me.

It was/is hard to be rejected for being yourself by a person you intimately know. So the think about it and take your time before you do something you might regret rings true.

Hmmm will have to give the whole what am I inviting into my life topic some more consideration.

Of all the things that would invite demons into my life I would have to say that ship already sailed when my husband among other things had rough fetish sex with other people while married to me and then unconsentual sex with me(because he lied to me and I would not have been intimate with him had I known the truth)

Gonna have to google the one year tattoo. Maybe in a year I would feel differently.

Jambomo posted 4/5/2021 08:04 AM

Tattoos themselves are just a yes/no depending on whether you like them. Iíve been thinking of getting a nice midlife crisis one

Iíd say hold fire on it till a bit further down the line and if you still feel itís a good idea then, well go ahead. Getting something done whilst you still feel emotional about it is a recipe for regret down the line.

Shehawk posted 4/6/2021 17:36 PM

A friend posted some lovely pics of vegas last week...

The tattoo advice on here seems spot on. Thanks.

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