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anyone know if you can dye suede

cissie posted 11/6/2020 14:41 PM

I have a pair of shoe boots that are suede. In the store lights they looked light tan. In daylight they look pinky grey and go with nothing.
Anyone ever tried to dye suede. I thought a nice chocolate brown would do it but do not want them to look like a mangy rabbit.

All suggestions appreciated.

I have a very high instep and can seldom get boots on, or I would donate them.

thisissogross posted 11/6/2020 18:02 PM

Pinky grey handbag? Or, pay to have them professionally dyed-don't formalwear places offer that usually?

[This message edited by thisissogross at 6:04 PM, November 6th (Friday)]

cissie posted 11/7/2020 22:25 PM

Thanks for your response. I hate to shop, and these boots only look good with black.
I do have a shoemaker I go to sometimes. It is quite a distance. Unfortunately, he is deaf and lipreads. A little difficult with a mask.
However I think I will just have to write my question and take them over to him or drop them off at the charity shop. I am doing some closet purging and decided I cannot keep things around 'just in case'

WhatsRight posted 11/12/2020 18:51 PM

Didn’t Jennifer Lopez spill something on a suede coat in “Shall We Dance”?

She had it dyed a darker color to hide the spot.

Of course...that was a movie. so...

PricklePatch posted 11/13/2020 22:27 PM

I use an app called minex to talk to a friends deaf child. I use it when she needs me to care for him. I can type in instructions and it signs them.

DragnHeart posted 11/14/2020 07:55 AM

There must be a way to dye suede. I got a bag of suede cut off scraps from a craft store and they were all different colours.

WhatsRight posted 11/14/2020 08:59 AM

I taught at a school for the deaf for several years - best job EVER!

Let me know when you are going and I’ll go with you and interpret.

DragnHeart posted 11/14/2020 09:08 AM

Whatsright I envy you so much!!!

pureheartkit posted 11/14/2020 09:19 AM

There are spray cans for suede. Be sure to clean and brush it well first. Any water repellant will keep the dye from working. Test on scrap suede first or old shoes from the thrift store to get the hang of it.

The thread doesn't always dye so I choose a close color. Stains will still be there just minimized.

After dyeing, rub a white t-shirt or washcloth fabric and see if it transfers. You might ha e to rub with a washcloth several times to get the excess dye off. Then seal with waterproofing spray.

WhatsRight posted 11/15/2020 18:09 PM

Envy me???

Have you “met” me?

Oh, If you are talking about getting to work at a school for the deaf, you are right… It was totally fabulous!

cissie posted 11/16/2020 20:37 PM

This is why I love this place.
Thank you all for your input.

DragnHeart posted 11/16/2020 20:42 PM

Oh, If you are talking about getting to work at a school for the deaf, you are right… It was totally fabulous!

Yes I envy this.

I.keant to take ASL in school, to become a translator but went on a different path. Never became fluent. Knew enough to help my dd communicate when speech wasnt developing but had I been schooled in it think of how much I could have helped her so much earlier.

Sorry for the t/j.

cissie posted 11/16/2020 20:44 PM

Pureheart, thank you for the reminder on colour transfer. I once polished a worn leather handbag with black shoe polish, and found I got the black on my hands and everywhere else every time I used it.

DragnHeart posted 11/16/2020 21:00 PM

I find that all the new pants or Jean's I buy always need to be washed a few times before I can wear them or the dye colors my legs.

pureheartkit posted 11/17/2020 19:07 PM

Waaaay back when mom dressed us for snow in a zillion layers. We didn't have snow clothes really so it was tights, thermals and jeans. It would get wet eventually and be miserable. One time in the scouts we had a mountain cabin weekend. Sure enough the red tights got wet and dyed my legs red. The rest of the weekend got made fun of. Looked like a lobster wearing a nightgown every night. That was the weekend I learned to fry doughnuts so there was that.

cissie posted 11/28/2020 21:01 PM

Went to look for the shoe repair man. Sadly his shop is now empty.

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