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A small update...

NeverTwice posted 8/26/2020 10:16 AM

Hi gang,

Small update. After our weekend together I posted about earlier she decided to sort of 'return the favor'. She booked us a weekend in Atlanta at another 5 star hotel and made dinner reservations at 2 different, really awesome restaurants. We are a couple of those irritating foodies!

And had a wonderful time. And we also navigated our first real disagreement. But, hit me with a sledgehammer, we both handled like adults. Turns out she is a fan of John Gottman's relationship advice - as am I! So when she immediately went into ATTUNE mode I had to chuckle a bit! And I went right in with her!!!

"No Soliciting". It is something that I started with my late husband as well. And it really took a great marriage and elevated it even more. Between Gottman and Chapman (The Five Love LAnguages) I learned more about relationships in a year than I had learned in all the years of being married prior.

But things are looking really good. And I am honestly falling for her pretty hard. And I think that is mutual. The 'L' word has not passed either of our lips yet...but I do not think it will be long! I am SO excited - I feel like a giddy teenage girl again!

And we a planning an extended trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand (her idea!) depending, of course, on what happens with the pandemic. And, after that trip, I want to take her to Europe as she has never been. I am think about flying into Orly and getting a 30 day Eurail pass for the two of us and just going where our whims take us.

And - if there are any experienced travelers out there with tips and suggestions (for either trip) they would be most welcome!

Cheers everybody. Stay safe and good luck out there in the dating world!!!

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WhoTheBleep posted 8/27/2020 20:11 PM

I'm glad things are going so well! Listen, you've known her 3 weeks? No need to rush the L word at this point. Y'all are high on hormones and stuff . Just enjoy each other's company, have fun, and don't overthink things. One day at a time. Just like infidelity recovery, relationships (the good ones anyway) aren't sprints. They are marathons.

I'm excited to see where this goes. It seems you have a ton in common. That's hard to find. Yay for you!!

newlife03 posted 8/28/2020 11:31 AM

NeverTwice posted 8/28/2020 13:16 PM


Listen, you've known her 3 weeks? No need to rush the L word at this point. Y'all are high on hormones and stuff

Not quite - we just got intimate for the first time 3 weeks ago. I have known her for a bit more - but I know. At this point it IS the adrenaline and high of a new relationship. It is 'L'ust right now - not 'L'ove

And I am seriously OK with a little lust in my life! But we do have great chemistry together - in AND out of the bedroom. It has been quite a while since someone made me laugh so hard or so much. There she definitely reminds of my late husband!

Although, so far, I have not caught myself making any real comparisons of him and her. Which, frankly, surprises me some. I think knowing what a trap and how unfair that could be has somewhat kept me from that. We are together now - we have started doing yoga together in the mornings.

Been fun to get to work out with someone again too. It always seems easier when you are not doing it alone. And going to the gym is a hard no until this pandemic has changed considerably in character.

Oh - all that and she gives back rubs to die for!!!

WhoTheBleep posted 8/29/2020 13:54 PM

And I am seriously OK with a little lust in my life!

Giirrrlll.....seriously. Right? Lust without the emotional baggage is beyond incredible. Enjoy yourselves!! (although it sounds like you had an incredible relationship with your late husband, too.)

Post-shitty marriage-lust has been really fun for me. What a difference...

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