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It just keeps coming

Gablestitch posted 8/19/2020 09:41 AM

My uncle passed yesterday. He was my mom's only sibling. We weren't particularly close but not distant either. My grandmother's estate still isn't completely settled yet either. We're still cleaning out the house. Just this past weekend we found my uncle's baby blanket.

I know everyone is done with this year but I'm extra done. It's hitting my dad hard too. Mom and Dad were high school sweet hearts so he knew my uncle as long as he knew my mom. My cousins are taking it hard and I'm trying not to be jealous that they have awesome supportive spouses. I know my WH wouldn't have given me the support I needed anyway.

Might as well throw a WH update in here too. He's now living with his dad two states away but in the other direction. I don't trust that situation at all but as his dad is extremely self centered he won't do anything to actually help WH. I just don't trust him. I never did. I worry about the advice he might give WH.....not that he'd listen at this point.

I had to scrap the vehicle he was driving too. That was interesting to organize out of state. He abandoned it in a parking lot up near his mom's home. I'm not sure who bought him a ticket and put him on a plane to his dad's. I don't care either.

I just want this whole year to be done. I'm tired of feeling sad, tired of having to push through it and damnit just tired of having to adult in general.

99problems posted 8/19/2020 13:13 PM

2020 can go die in a hole. I'm ready for it to be over.
The entire 2010's weren't all that. I'm ready for a new decade. I count the new decade starting 2021 btw :)

Chili posted 8/19/2020 13:21 PM

Yeah Gablestitch, you've been heard. I was just talking about this with someone yesterday that no one needs another thing to go *wrong* right now. And of course they do, but the timing is pretty stinky.

It's really tough when it keeps piling on and the light at the end of the tunnel flickers on and off.

That's one of the tough parts - we can't exactly *control* our own futures right now. It's like everyone's been thrown into limboland - and everyone around here knows how much that stinks.

(Is it bad for me to say I'm glad your WH is somewhere else? I think you nailed it with he wouldn't be much of a support for you right now regardless).

BearlyBreathing posted 8/19/2020 14:38 PM

(((Gablestitch)))). Iím so sorry you are not catching a break.

LadyG posted 8/20/2020 01:54 AM

Yep. 2020 started with a family funeral. I never thought that it would be the narrative for the entire year.

I am so done with 2020.

phmh posted 8/20/2020 18:36 PM

Where are you in the divorce process? Definitely sounds like someone I wouldn't want to be legally connected to in any way. I hope you can finally be legally done soon!

Gablestitch posted 8/21/2020 18:02 PM

Sorry it's taken so long to reply to all of you.

Chili, not bad of you at all! I am extra glad I didn't have to deal with him personally at all during this.

LadyG, mine pretty much started with one too. This will be family funeral three for me this year. It's been really tough for sure.

Phmh, I'm still waiting on a pretrial conference date to be set. I have a judge appointed to my case at least. Lawyer is hoping by the end of the year I'll be divorced.

Thank you all for your replies.

Phoenix1 posted 8/21/2020 20:18 PM

Sorry for your losses, Gable.

FWIW, Xhole was worthless in terms of support through my string of family deaths in 2014. So I definitely understand.

2020 blows.

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